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Greetings From a Newbie (With Gear Questions)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by madwomanofdonnellyst, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Awesome site- it's been keeping me occupied at work for a week! Yeah, you can tell my job's really hectic, can't you?

    I'm going for my Pre-Learners (NSW) on Saturday/Sunday this week. Fingers crossed I'll pass. This'll be the second time I've done it, so I'm not too stressed. Many years ago I had a weenie little 1979 Suzuki 70, but it got stolen right before my Ps test and my License lapsed.

    This time around plans are afoot for a shiny new VTR-250. Which brings me to a question...

    Faster/bigger/better bike means more of a need for decent riding gear. In particular I need some pants (both wet and dry weather). However, being a fat bastard (we're talking size 26 ladies here, people) I'm having no luck in finding anything in my size. Does anyone know of anywhere that makes/sells pants this big? And since I live in arse-hat-middle-of-nowhere, can they be bought online?
  2. Welcome :grin:

    i think...and i stress think, that Draggin jeans do custom jobs.... not sure so probably worth giving them a call. they have adds here on the site or go to www.dragginjeans.com.au
  3. +1 for the dragons.
  4. Yep they do Custom sizes:) you can email em or give em a call.

    Long - short - big - small they do it all. They also can custom your kevlar padding.

  5. I've spend all week on this forum too. i'm hooked! :oops:
  6. Yay! I was eyeing off some great Draggins the other day and wishing they made them in the right size.

    Thanks heaps guys!
  7. Womens gear sizing is crap. I am a size 12 (sometimes 14 on bottom lately :oops: ) and had to get size XL pants when I got my leathers (and they are VERY snug), did make me wonder if anywhere catered for people larger than me (and I am pretty average) except for custom jobbies. Good luck with them!

    And welcome too :grin:
  8. Well, if they're going to insist on skintight fits, maybe I should just arrange for Kevlar body mods, and wear normal jeans!

    They make them, you know. You see some really scary stuff on pay TV! Next they'll have Oggy Knob implants for the un-coordinated/drunk...
  9. I could have done with some of those in my younger days :wink:
  10. My knees LOOK like oggy knobs sometimes, does that count? :D
  11. What and give up binge drinking, wild hog like piggy piggy food eating marathons and debauched big breasted women?? I dont think so Sonny Jim, not this little fat koala!!!! :beer: :beer: :smileysex: :bannanabutt:
  12. It'll make you bike go faster too.

    Save 4kg on a Ti exhaust for $2000, or run around the block a few times?

    Can't help with the gear sorry.
  13. A diet you say, eh? Riding advice and free health tips! To quote the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "Oh, a gym! I know what a gym is!"

    But seriously, I get that I can go faster/better/not die of a heart attack at 30 if I weigh less. That's not my point. My immediate concern is covering my arse for the time being so that I don't lose it by leaving half of it on the road!

    Many thanks to all who have offered useful suggestions.

    PS. How do you get the quote tags to list the username? It's driving me mental!
  14. Also try Walden Miller for custom gear, very decent stuff, and the Ambi-Ryda range is waterproof, I've got a pair of the Ambi Ryda pants, cheaper than Draggins, also waterproof, windproof. They also make custom leather gear.

    Info here: http://www.waldenmiller.com.au/ (Ambi-Ryda stuff under All Weather gear)
  15. Yeah, I was wondering if I missed the bit where you asked for peoples opinion on your weight :? :roll:

    Besides that, if you have a stack, you have more 'padding' :wink:

    To automatically do the quote thing, you can press the 'quote' button on the actual post you are wanting to... if you want to do it manually you make the opening bit look like this:
  16. Lurker, you are a champion :grin:
  17. You just don't let up, do you? Way to make a girl feel welcome!

    So your plan would be to ride unprotected until either I a) become magically thin by the power of your super diet and can wear standard gear, or b) stack it and graze all the fat bits off me?

    C'mon, man! I understand your point, but like I said, it doesn't help me much in the here and now.
  18. the dirt guys have those armoured undersuits and they might work.

  19. Pull your head in!
  20. Whats there to pass? Isent it like an orientation day?

    Good luck anyways. Have fun.

    BTW what number of Donnelly Street Armidale you at? fing06.