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Greetings from a newbie in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tiger_grrrrl, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Hiya peoples,
    I'm booked in to take my Ls test in 3 weeks time at HART and at the moment can't tear myself away from looking at potential bikes and gear on the internet (I need help of the padded room kind). Haven't got a bike yet, thinking of trying to find a teal and black Suzuki Across but my mind might change. Anyway, back to looking at pretty pictures for me...
    See you around.

  2. Hi Tiger_grrrrl, welcome to NR. Good luck with your Ls, HART are great.
  3. As my previous learners permit had expired, I just recently re-sat for my learners at HART (3 months & I'll go my full license). Great bunch of people who run a pretty decent course.

    I had a heap of fun being back on the bike & I'm sure you'll have a great time as well. Good luck with it all & let us know how you go :grin:
  4. Hi, I did my L's and P's thru HART's earlier this year at Tulla and they're really good. Keep posting on how you did and with bike you choose too. After you got all that done you should have good weather to ride in. :)
  5. Hello and good luck :beer:
  6. In 3 weeks? Which HART and what day? I'll be at Tulla doing my license on the 23rd :)
  7. Welcome, to the ride, and to the Net-ride :).
  8. Hey Tiger_grrrrl

    With a name like that and and an
    <- avatar like mine, I just have to say welcome

    Welcome :grin:
  9. Hiya Tiger_grrrrl welcome to NR.

    Couple of months ago i was this close on getting an Across (same color) those manbags looks handy, no lugging of helmets around!
    Then i got a good deal on a CBR.
    You cant go wrong with an Across though(i've done an intensive 'research' on that beast).

    Good luck and see you around.
  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  11. Welcome. Join in on one of the rides when you are licensed but until then, come to a coffee night!

  12. I'm doing the 2 day learners on the 24th/25th at Tulla.

    Thanks for the good wishes and welcomes everyone, hopefully the weather for the course will be better than it's been this weekend. At least the rain is good for kayaking.