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greetings from a newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blackadder, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Been reading through these forums for a while now... I've learnt a lot about riding, roadcraft, etc and also trolling, hahhaaha (i already have a few favourites). Anyway, I guess it's time to say Hi and attend some rides to learn more...

  2. Hi blackadder and welcome to NR
    So don't keep it to yourself. Who are the foavourite trolls?
  3. Welcome to NR :D
  4. Greetings received and reciprocated
  5. I'm actually surprised that user name hasn't been used already.
    Didn't think much of the first series but the second and fourth series' were brilliant (3rd was good, but not great).

    Probably getting a little off topic but if you've been lurking on NR for a while you should know that's completely normal. Welcome aboard :).
  6. Hmm.. Hate to admit it, but I did find myself searching for b.r posts daily during his brief phase of beigeness.

    I agree the fourth season was best. Wibble wibble wibble, lol.
  7. err, welcome (backing away and avoiding eye contact) :LOL:
  8. Hmm...tell me Hornet: is this someone else I should be adding to my block list?? ;)
  9. Nah, just joking mate :)

    Talking through a tap on my Galaxy S!
  10. welcome mate.