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Greetings from a New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by EmSmith, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Amelia (but you can all call me Em), I'm a 33 yo female from Melbourne and I just got my learners, as well as a new scooter, last week.
    I purchased an Aprilia Scarabeo 250ie and I am just loving it, I go out on it as much as I possibly can. Converting to two wheels has been the most enjoyable experience so far. I'm finding everyday that I get on my scoot is better than the next and I'm getting more confident, and comfortable, on the road.

    I have been looking out for a good website to keep in touch with what is happening in the community and this one is really good. I'm eventually learning the culture of being a rider and I'm finding it pretty friendly thus far, so please excuse my naiveness if I write something that may seem simple to the more experienced of you!
    It's tricky adjusting to the new found 'cool' status, but I'll learn all the lingo soon enough!

    So hopefully I get to chat to most of you eventually.

    Em :)
  2. Cool scooter and welcome. :cool:
  3. Welcome Em, from a Sydney rider, cruise up here one day, or see you at the Eden ride next year.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of NetRider!

    Get along to one of the coffee nights or ride events. We are relatively harmless!

  5. Thankyou for the welcomes.

    I'd love to come to the coffee and rides, I've checked that out already. I'm doing the Charity Toy run with a couple of work mates in two weeks time, I'm looking forward to it. The Westgate Bridge will be fun to ride over for the first time in the open air!
    The Thursday Night Mystery Ride looks like fun too. Be good to ride with some experienced people and learn off them (only the good habits mind you)

    I think it might be a while before I take a long trip interstate K. I gotta build up my endurance on the Scoot first.
    But having family in both NSW and SA, I'd like to think I will do a long trip eventually.
    I purchased the Scarabeo, not only because it's a sexy beast, but so I could get to Geelong and Nagambie where I compete for rowing regattas as well as for city riding. I also go up to Mt Buller alot during summer and winter, so I wouldn't mind going up on the scoot one weekend. The Summit Road will be fun once my cornering becomes a bit more fluent!
    One of my neighbors went from Melbourne to Canberra on his Vespa GT recently. I thought that was pretty brave, but alot fun at the same time!

    You might be wondering why I didn't get a motorbike. Although I appreciate motorbikes and I don't have anything against them in any way, it's just not my bag. Don't know why really...... but that's ok.

  6. Hmmm Welcome anyway I think? :shock: :LOL: :LOL: Two wheels is two wheels..... I guess :cool:
  7. Hi Em & welcome to the world of netrider.

    Yet another female to the ranks.....ye ha

    If you do make it Sydney, let us know in advance cos you never know you might have time to meet some of us Sydneysiders like me & Karl.

    Enjoy your riding & be safe.
  8. Hi Steve2909,
    I didn't mean that in a bad way, sorry if it came across like that. Some people have asked me why I didn't get a motorbike and why I really, really wanted a scooter. I would give riding a motorcycle a go if the opportunity came up, and it would be very funny to watch, but I just love scooters more :)
  9. Hi EM, I did reply tongue in cheek on that one..... :grin: Hence the LOL's no offence taken and welcome again......(psst I bought a scooter once :wink: )
  10. Excellent. :grin:
    Was the sccoter fun for you?
    A friend took my scooter for a spin last week and she has only riden motorbikes. As much as she loved it, she kept grabing the rear break when she was taking off, funnily enough, and she found it very strange in general.
  11. welcome emsmith, A gal on a bike!! A scooter even!!!
    :moped: Well done.. aint it FUN? Going to work is pure joy since I got my L's 5 weeks ago. I love my Skoodah and learn lots on this welcoming forum. I can be found skootin all around northern Tasmania every day of the week!! :LOL:
  12. Thanks 2troo
    Scooting around Tassie would be so much fun, I really wanna get over there sometime. After being there in a car, it's very true when they say that Tassie is just one big racing circuit! The roads are so beautifully cambered it would be such a good ride, especially the stretch between Launceston and St Helens. Have you done it on your scooter yet?
    I love my scooter, it is the best fun, totally agree with you there :grin:
    What sort of scoot did you purchase?

  13. Sorry Steve, you brought A WHAT??????? :shock:

    I didnt know they made them in a 1000cc + :grin:

    Oh and welcome to netrider em, enjoy.
  14. Welcome, Amelia. Scooters are a great fun means of transport :).
  15. Welcome to the forum..

    Aprilias are great scoots.. Have fun and enjoy.. :grin:
  16. Nah EmSmith I havent ridden to St Helens.. gotta pick my roads when its only a 125 Im on. But had a glorious ride to Savage River yesterday, the whole road was ours!! No rain!! No gravel!! perfect ride, but again.. not on my skoot. 500kms round trip would do my skoot in.. tank too small. But the Aprilia 1000 was fast and comfy, whaddatrip :grin: Oh yeah you asked what skoot i have its a nice white Bolwell VS125. I love it to bits and i reckon i will keep it for 12 months, after that I will need to go up.. thinking Geopolis 400 would suit before I get my first MC :cool: