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Greetings from a new Bike nut and quick Rego question.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jlgumby, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Greetings all, new to this forum but have already obtained alot of useful information regarding staying safe on the road so cheers to all.

    Was pleased to see that this forum (unlike many) was not filled with threads like "do your thongs get caught under your pegs at 180" or "changing IPOD tracks while mid mono, can ya do it?".

    Started riding about a year back after telling my wife I'll just do the test, "cos I'm all about the experience" and then I'll have it out of my system. Well did the learners with HART (great course) and they had to prise the bike out of my hands at the end of every session. Just loved it so much. Came home and wife said, "can't believe you had to do that, don't buy a bike. If you do, I'm leaving you" I think she was kidding, I took it that way anyhow, so I brought a new bike home two days later. hahahahah...... phew...... she was sort of kidding. So been lovin it like George Michael loves public conveniences. Well, maybe not quite that much, and have a little question I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on.

    I'm looking take delivery of a new bike but not off restricted yet (great deal and about the last one in the colour in Aust I think.... almost) so 2 months to go but as it's coming from interstate, I'm in Vic, it needs to be registered and inspected. My thoughts were to leave it in the garage until I'm off then take it down, but was unsure if this would cause probs having not just been purchased (ie, extra inspections etc) alternatively, I could get someone to take it down for me but I still can't legally ride it anyway so.... anyone know. Thanks for any feedb.

  2. Not sure what your question.

    In VIC it will be treated as a unregistered vehicle, which means that you will need RWC and book for an inspection at a vic road.

    you can get bike transportation company to transport the bike for you from intestate.

    I do not believe that they care about when it was purchased. but you need letter from the seller that states that you bought it for $xxx. so that they can slap you with stamp duty
  3. Cheers mate,

    Sorry if it was unclear, but you caught it. Didn't mean it to be cryptic.

    Thanks for the response. I spoke to 3 different people at Vic roads and none of them knew for sure what needed to be done.

    Some said, RWC required, some said not because never registered.

    Some said inspection required, some said not because brand new.

    Some said should rego it within a month of buying, some said anytime doesn't matter as it's new and never been registered.

    Not sure who I'm dealing with there sometimes, might as well walk into a chicken shop and ask the same questions.

    They said I could ride it there unregisterd legally, but I'm NOT licensed to so bit hard. The next 2 months will be more painfull then when I saved the bike from a fall with my head.
  4. As erewego said it will be presented as an unreg bike.
    They will look at it and check eng/vin and ask for the rwc and proof of ownership.
    How you get it to the Vicroads office is up to you but you will need to make an appointment (easy if you're rural) and dont be late or you'll loose it.
    You'll be asked to hand over several hundred smackers and then you're set.
  5. You should call vicroad and ask how much for 1 kg of porterhouse.

    If it is new, i think you do not need RWC, I won a scooter in a competition and when i got it registered, i think i didnt need a RWC.

    If you are unlicense to ride it there, you can trailer it, or get someone who is licensed to ride it there for you :D or have it sitting there for 2 months till you CAN ride it then register it.

    I had my scooter sitting in my friend's garage for a whole 2 months before I got it registered. then he rode it for a few more mths before i took it off him
  6. You bought a bike without any onroad costs? I thought it would have been a lot easier (paperwork and all) to get the shop to put rego on it and when the rego runs out, transfer it to Vic rego (somebody correct me if I'm wrong).

    BTW, you can get a 7 day rego (it's like $30 or something) on your bike to ride it down to the Vicroads office. I definitely would not just ride it in even on their say so. Cover your ass...otherwise coppers could pull you up and fine you for unregistered bike.
  7. rego not transferable interstate.

    you can buy a temp rego that says you are going to ride a bike to get it rego.
    but his problem is that he cannot ride it legally
  8. I wrote "when his rego runs out". Actually it is see here. I just thought it would be easier as it doesn't state he needs a rwc to transfer. It's easier when the shop deals with it.

    I realise that whether he rides it legally or not is his problem. All I mentioned is that if he tries to ride it down without a registration, he could get pinged even though he was given the advice by Vicroads that he can ride the unregistered to their offices legally.
  9. Thanks for the feeds guys, I bought it without on roads because I'm in Vic and I bought it from Canberra and the on roads seem to be a little dearer there for some strange reason. And there would have been a transfer cost I'm told by Vicroads, as well as thigh fillets being $6.99/kg.

    Sounds now like I can simply hold it and the process will be the same, so think I should wait until I get on the full license and then ride it down with a temp rego as was suggested. Cheers again.

    Should be arriving tomorrow, just can't wait.................... to look at it sitting there doing nothing...haha
  10. I have a friend from NSW who bought a bike here (VIC) with no rego and he bought a temp rego which allows him to ride back to NSW to get rego.

    The most important question now is, whatcha bought?
  11. One o deese............. :grin:


    And it should be at my door in about 45 mins I reckon. I'm almost P#**ing myself with the excitement.
  12. This forum has no less shite than others, its just on this forum its 10 new threads a day about binning it at 20kph instead of the above...
  13. NICE!!! That colour even hides the butt ugly headlight on gixxers (the reason I didnt get one)

    Have fun with it