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Greetings Everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ninja No. 13, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Hello out there everyone in Netrider land.

    My name is Callan, I'm 17 and I've had my L's for about 2 months and a bike for about a month. It's a 2007 GPX 250 that I picked up for $3,500 second-hand from the local Kawak dealer.

    Haven't done much riding, only on the weekends really seeing as I work night-shift (at Cargill Beef Australia, Tamworth) so I'm dead tried in the morning and at work in the afternoon/night, but I plan to try and get out to any of the rides that come out this way.

    Anywho, I think that's about all for now, looking forward to meeting some of you guys and leaching all the information out of you that I can :grin: .

    Have fun, and I'll see you out there...
  2. Welcome Aboard Callan
  3. hi and welcome to NR
  4. [​IMG] Welcome to NR :cool:
  5. Hi Callan.

    Welcome. :)

    So what was wrong with the bike?? $3500 is an awesome price for a 2007 GPX (based on Melbourne's market at least)!! There are Melbourne NR's throwing tomato's at your post right now!

    Enjoy, and can I suggest you have a read of the "beat the odds" link so that you get through your learning curve safely.



    p.s. shift work sucks severely!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    So far as I can tell nothing is wrong with it, it was a trade-in (someone upgrading to a ZX-10R) so I guess they didn't really care how much they resold it for.

    And yes, shift work does suck bananas. :evil: