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Greetings Earthlings...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DemstarAus, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Hello All,

    New to Netrider, new to unsupervised riding. Just a few weeks ago I completed the first stage of QRide, and have 12 months on a LAMS bike. My current steed is a 1999 Honda VTR250.

    I am planning to do some touring, weekend camping trips, perhaps a riding trip to NZ, and customising my bike. My partner and I are planning a mountain tour through the Austrian Alps. (Ich lerne Deutsch; Wenn Sie Deutsch sind, auch ob lernen, sprecht zu mir bitte! Please forgive my terrible grammar.)

    After my 48hrs is up I'll start adding some pics and plans for the bike. Looking forward to exploring the wealth of knowledge and experience here, and maybe make some friends.


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  2. Welcome Dem,

    You sound like you have some great adventures planned. I don't know if you are a seasoned camper or not but the Roads and Touring section has some great tips from other members on what they take in their touring kit and their past adventures. Before you undertake your big overseas trip get as much local experience as you can. Good Luck, post up details of your trips.
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Tag (grüß gott) DemstarAusDemstarAus
    if you need some "tandem" sessions (conversation lessons) try the Bavarian Beer Cafe :) or notice boards at uni language faculties.
    keep the head checks happenin'.
    Cheers (tschüss)
  5. Welcome :cool:
  6. Welcome aboard from an other Queenslander und Ich spreche kein Deutsch
  7. You'll need customize your bike with some big floaties to ride to NZ! Make sure you do the Grossglockner in Austria when you're there - best road in the world!

    Oh, and welcome to NR.
  8. Har har :p
  9. Best I could do after a long tiring ride today!
  10. Welcome to earth...

    I like this planet too...they got bikes and beer! Also fried chicken, pizzas and pork souvlakis...

    There are some other cute animals that are very tasty too...esp. When grilled properly...

  11. While I don't eat animals I drink a crapload of coffee and it would be a damned shame should something ever happen to the Blue Marble because if I survived the blast, the rest of the survivors might not be able to call themselves that for much longer. Caffeine...

  12. Local experience is certainly on the to do list.
    I am Dem's partner, and we have many local trips planned. My thoughts at this stage are doing as many over-night trips as we can manage in our schedule, starting out with staying at motels/cabins/caravan parks overnight, just so we are assured a good rest while she is getting 'bike fit' and used to some distance riding. Then we will graduate to having our camping gear with us and sleeping under the stars.
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  13. We have done a 2-up trip on my old GSX1400 that took us from QLD, through NSW down to Melb, then along the GOR out to Adelaide for a couple days before shooting back over to the Blue Mountains and back home via the coast. So multiple days on a bike are nothing new, but it is a very different thing riding compared to pillioning.
  14. Sounds like my partner 15 years ago ;) 18 -20 years ago she used to fall asleep on the back e.g. Stuttgart to Crete via the Alps & Italy / circumnavigating the Maritime Provinces or when she ventured over here it was the Sydney - coast road to Vic - Tassie - SA (inc. Oodnadatta track) NT - Nth Qld & back home. About 4 months all up from memory. A decent, well earned bed in an outback pub was $18 inc huge brekkie. Great intro to Oz (& Ozbiker on his home patch) in fact. A few years of that had her learning on a 250GSX we used to call the antichrist, wasn't long before the Katana arrived then the 1200 Bandit. She's notched it back a bit these days & has fallen in luv with a carby 790 Bonny. We've done most of the eastern states again, just about every back road there is to do in NSW & we're 8 years into what S.E. Qld has to offer. I guess she's addicted which is a good thing in my book. Cheers.
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  15. Hello Dem, welcome aboard. My German is bad but my Dutch is worse. I think Dutch girls are hot, but I think I'll say it in Australian so I don't make a complete dummkopf of myself...
  16. tall too!