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Greetings / Dumb Questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AntiSol, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Greetings, fellow bike freaks!

    I've just found and joined NetRider a Few days ago, but haven't had the time yet to introduce myself - Hi, I'm Antisol!

    I'm planning on being a bike fanatic - I don't currently have a (running) car, so I'll be riding my bike everywhere, and I'm so eager and excited at the moment that I'm predicting that after a few weeks of having my bike, I'll be deciding not to bother fixing the car...

    I've had my L's for nearly 3 months now, and I'll be getting my bike in the next couple of weeks. After much looking around and sitting on bikes, I've decided on a Suzuki Across for a variety of reasons including comfort and funkiness.

    Now I've just got the challenge of finding the right Across for the right price. I don't have any other gear, and I want a bike in pretty good nick, and obviously the cheaper the better. Sumoto seem to have relatively alright deals, but I'm a bit dubious about them - I get the impression that they might be running a chop-shop out the back, or something... What are people's opinions of Sumoto? Is $1000 worth spending for all their free stuff, the warranty, and 10,000kms instead of 20,000kms, or would I be better off putting the extra cash aside for extras and gear? How reliable are these bikes and how expensive are they to fix when things go wrong? Is the warranty likely to be worth it, or should I just save the extra cash for repairs if and when I need them?

    (It should be noted that I'm intending to put LOTS of Kms on it - this is going to be a commuter and a cruiser - and resale value isn't that important to me).

    Also, can somebody explain to me the difference between a motorbike and a 'Grey Import'? My understanding is that the Grey Imports have been imported by somebody other than Suzuki (i.e Private importer or whatever), and have been complianced for Australian roads/laws. What impact does this have? I would assume that it's essentially the same bike, and that there wouldn't be much (if any) difference in terms of parts etc, yet people always seem to be saying 'grey import' in hushed tones like it's a bad thing... can somebody please explain this, or point me to a link?

    Anyway, the point of all this being: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my ramblings - I look forward to talking and cruising with everyone!


    "The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd." -Bertrand Russell
  2. Welcome antisol, thoughtful stuff!
    I'm sure you'll get flooded with responses about Sumoto from Melbourne folk, but let me be the first to intone the Netrider mantra; budget around $1,000 for protective gear before you plan on how much you are going to spend on the bike, esp as you are going to be on it a lot.
    Oh, and there's heaps of Across riders on the forum, we give them a tickle up with across jokes every now and then, so be prepared!
  3. Do not buy from Sumoto for a variety of reasons. They're warranty is worth nothing as you have to be a mechanic to make sure they'll fix things. The free gear is pretty crap ~$300 worth. They won't let you test ride the bike before buying (it is second hand!). Buy privately or from another dealer and don't be worried with anything up to 30,000kms on the clock. The engines will go over 50,000 with much abuse.
  4. hi and welcome to the boards, although this statement WILL change if you buy an across...

    as for info on both Sumoto and your questions about the across just do a search, and you should find heaps :wink:

    Once again i will state: buy your riding gear first then buy whatever bike you can afford with what money you have left, not the other way round :)
  5. :shock:

    Never heard of one described like THAT before :LOL:

    Welcome aboard Antisol.
  6. Welcome to the forums. First up the most important thing to remember about Grey Imports is that the "compliance date" is NOT the same as the manufacture date. Most grey imports are usually early 90s models second-hand out of Japan but may be sold as "2001 complianced" by some of the more dodgy importers. Odometer readings are somewhat "iffy" on some imports (I mean how can a bike only rack up 10,000kms in 15 years!). However on the plus side many of them are given a fairly major overhaul upon delivery - new paint, tyres, brakes etc. which may put them in better condition than newer locally delivered models. Haven't dealt with Sumoto myself, but my impression is that they have an exceptionally good range at over-inflated prices (so worth checking out, but perhaps better to buy elsewhere). Parts for grey imports shouldn't be a problem especially if you choose something that was also sold here. Even Japanese market only models (like the 250 Kat) often share most of their parts with other models or can be sourced through companies that bring in wrecks from Japan.
  7. G'day Antisol..

    Grey Import:
    In imported bike that is not the same as a localy released/sold/supported version.
    Often grey imports will be a model that is not released locally, and the conversion to local standards is done by a company or individual.

    Manufacturers (eg, suzuki) don't support grey imports. Parts can be very hard to find. Manuals may not be available.
    Some grey imports have good local support (though not through dealer workshops) just because there are so many around.

    Grey imports can be identified by the compliance plate.

    Best case for a grey import is that parts and expertise are reasonably available.
    Worst case for a grey import is that parts are unobtainable and mechanics won't touch it, leaving you with a unrepairable bike.

    The opposite of a grey import?>:
    car/bike that has been prepared for the local market by the manufacturer when it's new, and is supported, by the manufacturer. Manuals are available, parts are freely available.
  8. If it were my money, I would choose the Oz delivered model (if available) over a grey import if it is not huge $$ more. Some of these imports have sat around for a long time, and there are occassional problems with fuel residue gumming the carbs. This happened to my brothers fzr250 upon recent compliance, and after spending a heap of money on carb rebuilds etc, it was never truly rectified. This problem will be more prominent with 4 cylinder models.

    I am in no way trying to steer you clear of grey bikes (I had to buy one, my vfr was not released here!), but as others have said, some dealers are somehow making the bikes younger... I also hate the way a new lick of paint can push the price of some 250's over $7k- that is just crazy, but we have all seen them!

    The Across is a bike that shouldn't really attract a price increase for low km's (or whatever the dealers are advertising) as there is a healthy supply of 2nd hand Oz models available. I reckon that this model is the best value 4cyl available 2nd hand, and go for a good condition local one. Of course every bike is different, but I would think that they are generally reliable.
  9. But not free! :)
  10. Geez! Bloody quick responses in this place!

    What's wrong with the Across? Is it just a taste thing or is there something I've missed about 'em? If you're just gonna harass me just for my taste, then fine! I just hope you can cop it back! :p

    Gear: Yeah, ofcourse! I have >$1000 aside for it. I'm planning on getting pretty decent gear because yeah: I will be using it alot.

    Thanks for the Advice. you guys have reinforced what I was thinking. I reckon that If I'm a bit patient and hunt around I'll eventually find the right one heaps cheaper than Sumoto.

    Not Free? You had my hopes up there! Damn! :)
  11. Seriously the only real problem is that the underseat fuel tank is tiny and range therefore is quite limited, it's just fun to tease their owners.
  12. Welcome AntiSol !!!

    Nothing wrong with the Across, it's a great bike to learn on. A few people here have stuck to them after their restrictions have passed. It's a personal thing, and a long lasting bit of light hearted stouching between people here at Netrider. All good fun.

    As for gear - yeah, you will get what you pay for. Make good use of the SEARCH Function at the top. I can't remember but I think it was Sir Skuffy that did an AMAZING Thread/Post of protective gear not so long ago.

    Try to get along to a coffee night to meet some of the people, have a look in the Announcements Forum for details (Mondays & Friday Nights)

    Also you'll find all the rides etc there and on the Events Calendar. There's one on the 22nd of Oct that might interest you if you're set up by then.

    Sumoto - do the Search thing, after you've done that, stay well well away from them.

    Enjoy the madness that is Netrider !!!!!
  13. Yeah. I think that this will be one thing which I will just have to live with. The way I see it is that you're not really going to NEED >200kms range unless you're riding across the nullabour or something, and if it came to that I reckon you'd fit a small jerrycan in the storage compartment... not that I think crossing the nullabour on a 250 is a brilliant idea...

    Coffee night sounds interesting indeed! and it's even friday! I am going to look at a bike this arvo, but I might be able to make it back in time: We'll see how it goes. Otherwise there's always next week...
  14. Welcome to the forums Antisol, and I must say what a wonderful choice in bike :D
    I have had mine for 4 years now and haven't had a problem with it.
    I get 200 KM per tank which is about the same as some of the bigger bikes I might add :p ;) and yes, you can fit a 5 litre jerry can in the boot.

    Hope to see you at coffee tonight :)
  15. yes but the bigger bikes get there quickier and allow for refuelling time, so the rest of us aren't standing round waiting :p :wink: :LOL:
  16. Us?? as in you?? on your zzr250???? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. dont bve thinking its just the price at sumoto mate, its the whole package :evil: stay as clear away from them as you would from a rabid rottweiller. prices are a little excessive, but thats not the main issue, its the shocking quality of the bikes and the after sales service thats the worry. basically, they tell lies, take everything they say and turn it around to the opposite and thats what you get from them :D

    but yeah...
    * under 50,000 kays is normally no stress at all for a bike, and over is fine too as long as its been looked after.
    * $1000 for gear is a good start, spend more if you can (speshly on the noggin protector)
    * dont worry too much about cosmetics on a bike, you may not stack while learning, but your chances are MUCH higher
    * if a grey import is also imported from new, then it will be supported. there is very seldom any difference between an genuine import and a grey
    * acrosses are great bikes in the end, but if you buy a handbag like so many others here, be prepared to cop it like they all have :p :LOL:

    have fun :wink:
  18. yep even on a 250, but the mighty zzr doesn't need to top up for fuel, at every servo we pass
  19. Yay! Moral support! Thanks Flipper! :)

    Yeah, I kinda get that impression. They are very pushy, too - It's almost like: "aaaw, you really should put a deposit on it, RIGHT NOW. If you don't, we'll sell it on ya! Don't think we won't! It won't be here tomorrow, I promise! In fact, I think I'M gonna put a deposit on it!"

    As long as you guys can cop it back, we'll all be happy...

    Yeah, but when somebody on an Across pulls into one of the many many servos he is forced to visit, people don't turn around expecting to see a lawnmower... :p

  20. no, but then they get the shock of actually seeing one !!! :p