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Greetings... back to the bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CarterBones, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Hi All,
    I have always loved motorcycles and after a long long gap of 20 years I'm back in the saddle and wish I had done it years ago. Why did I go back? not sure really, maybe it was the joy of riding and the challenge to improve my skills everyday.

    After leaving the UK almost 20 years again where I was riding 2-strokes and had long hair and a stupid grin every day, but those days of being reckless and stupid, very stupid have gone and have a Suzuki GSX650F, which I love... big and stable with plenty of power for when I need it, and the seat is big enough for my fat arse.

    Looking forward to hearing stories and gaining tips on bits and pieces.

    Thanks for reading this... and take care.

    Aged 44 and a half.
  2. Welcome back.

    ....to the nuthouse....
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  3. another returnee, welcome aboard
  4. Hehe, 44 and a half ey, we counting halves now to try and stretch it out :)
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  5. Officially its 44.4 but that would be silly...
  6. Hehe...Awesome intro there.

    I was away for 13 years or so as well before I came back into bikes 3 years ago.

    Welcome to NR and welcome back into the world of bikes.

  7. Thanks Mate... I've started riding to work this week, enjoying going to work... everyone should ride to work.
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  8. True that....

    I've been riding to work every day rain, hail or shine...
  9. Welcome back to riding bud :)
  10. Thanks mate... I must have been stupid to leave it for sooooooo long.
  11. Wish I could ride to work but have too much stuff to take.....hello and welcome :)
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  12. Welcome to the midlife crisis club!
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  13. welcome back :]
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