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Greetings and TAS P's Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Marxman, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Just thought I would say hi.
    I am thinking of going to get my bike license - had my L's 10 odd years ago but never got around to getting my own bike to go for my P's (no Cash at the time :) )

    Anyway just wanted to say there is some great information on here and based on what I have found I think I am going to get a Honda VT250C as my first bike.

    Anyway onto the question:
    To the people who have done the P course in Tasmania I was wondering what was involved in the Road Ride part of the course just interested as I have not done that part before and cant find any information about it. Im based in Hobart.

    Thanks for any info and I look forward to seeing a few of you around town in the coming months.
  2. Welcome to Netrider :).

    I'll leave it to the Tassie experts to answer the question :wink:.
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  4. Thanks Shambles, I had a look through the information there and while it was helpful does not go into any detail about the Road Ride part of your P test.

    Just thinking with the car you have someone with you and wondering how it is done with bikes.. intercom? how long what kind of things they get you to do etc.

  5. I can't be sure about the specifics of the tasmanian road ride, but with the NSW one we just had a fixed route (the instructor made me lead because I was a local) where we'd stop 3 or 4 times while he rode at the front / 3rd / 5th / last (in a group of 7). No intercoms, we just pull over and he'd re-inforce the skills we were being taught/tested on. It was pretty simple :)
  6. Pretty much as above, (when i did it anyway), 1-2 instructors ride along with the group (anywhere from 3-7 students) stopping every now and then to make comments/give advice/make sure everyone knows where they're supposed to be going/etc.

    Anymore questions come along to joes garage on tuesday night :wink:
  7. And that's how it was when I did it, oh, nigh on 10 years ago.

    For reference, here's the route we took.
    Ride out from the Police Academy at Rokeby. Take a right turn, go through the hills heading towards Lauderdale, then turned onto Acton Rd. Regroup at Panorama Dr. or something.
    Ride on to the first roundabout where Acton Rd meets the airport highway, and regroup there.
    Ride over the bridge to the second roundabout, then head like one is going to Richmond. Past Reggies Fish and Chip shop, and a regroup just before that road re-meets the highway to the airport.
    Duck under the airport highway, ride on the road towards Mt Rumney, keep going past the Pass Rd, and keep going to the dirty big roundabout where Brumby Bros. is, still heading to Warrane. Pull into the first available street on one's left there, I think it's a body works place, and regroup there.
    Ride from there towards Bellerieve, and head alllll the way towards the Shoreline Shopping Centre. Park in a servo near there and regroup.
    Ride from servo back to the Police Academy.

    Took about an hour with all the regroups. At each regroup there was a quick discussion about hazards we'd seen, the instructor told us a few things etc. I was told I was a bit confident through the twisty hills towards Lauderdale and on the back road that sneaks past the Mt Rumney turnoff and Pass Rd. Oh well, old man lives down towards South Arm so I'd ridden that stuff a lot.

    Probably has changed a bit. Oh, and if you use their bikes, GN250 > the trail bikes they had :). My bike died the day before so the decision to use their bikes was easily made for me.

    Finally, you have to wear a funky fluro vest and we had reflective L plates too. Lame plates, I think.

    Not bad since, yeah, I did that about 9 or 10 years ago now :).
  8. Yep exact same route, i dont think stay-up-right went anywhere else. Not sure exactly what deca does, but probably something similar, bit of highway bit of urban.