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Greetings and Salutations

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Maverick_132, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Been reading these forums for just over a month, and decided that i should join up with the theory that i would be going for my learners sometime in december. I just realised that i actually hadn't given a proper shout out to all the fellow netrider members (how rude). So here is a little info bout myself.

    - 23 Year Old Melbournian
    - Full-Time University Student
    - Work Part-Time
    - Always been interested in bikes, but never really followed through with anything, has taken a few changes and occurrence in my life to finally decide to get my motorcycle license.
    - I don’t currently own a bike but I’ve started shopping around, and will probably get one at the start of next year (depends on what I find more so)
    - Will be booking into HART in kilsyth for my learners training sometime in December probably.

    Just want to say that I’ve found this site very informative for someone who doesn’t know much about bikes at all, so I’m going to be more of a reader than a poster! :p

  2. hello and welcome :grin: good luck on your Ls :wink: come for a ride once you get Ls and bike :cool:
  3. Hey Maverick, you can be my wing man anytime... well if you ever come up to the green pastures of Sydney. :) Sorry for the Top Gun quote, I'm trying to kick the habit. :) Still great to see you are taking action towards getting a bike I hope it all goes well and some... enjoy.
  4. "Take me to bed or lose me 4eva! ...show me the way home hunny" .....ahem, where have I been storing that? Maybe in that same place I think all great time n place quotes shld b stored, in a box labelled "random sayings" no one will rmbr or understood :cool:

    Welcome Maverick! Say hi to Goose
  5. Welcome, Maverick, for an old TV gunslinger, you keep your age well :LOL:

    {Young whipper-snappers think the world started with Tom Cruise :p}

    Lots of good info here Scott, so pop in, ask and be prepared to be deluged with conflicting opinions....
  6. Welcome aboard Maverick :)
  7. Hi Maverick_132, welcome to the forums :)
  8. Welcome and good luck with your L's
  9. Welcome Scotty :wink:
  10. Yes?!! :shock: :LOL:

    Welcome Maverick. I don't know much about bikes either, but that doesn't stop me posting :wink:
  11. Welcome. YOu know you may now never leave. :twisted:
  12. Hey all, sorry bout the delay in reply but i didn't think this acutally posted cause i was having massive issues trying to get it to post! hahaha. Thanks all for the warm welcome and certainly look forward to gettin the L's and catching up with you all at a coffee night, etc!
  13. Thought i'd post an update for all those interested!, booked into HART (Kilsyth, VIC) finally and i have to wait until Jan 20/21st to even attempt my L's, but it gives me more time to study up and learn valuable information! But i'm starting to get excited about the prospect of being able to ride on two wheels!

  14. Gee, when I got my learners up in QLD it was a short multi choice written test, a small processing fee and that was it. In and out in 15 minutes. :grin:
    ..and my license test was just a 20 minute ride.

    Best of luck to you.
  15. Oooh the anticipation begins! All the best for your Ls when you eventually get to do them. Just trust the instructors and give what they say a go. It's a bit scary if it's all new, like it was for me, but also loads of fun.
  16. UPDATE: Well i passed my learners at HART at kilsyth and must give a big thumbs up to Mark and Mars who took the course over the two days, they were very knowledgeable, but also personable and made the whole experience must easier for someone who came in with a few reservations (or me just being nervous)!

    I look forward to purchasing the gear and my bike, and also attend a few of these coffee meets to say hello to some fellow NR's in my area.
  17. Woo hoo... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Let us know what you buy, and search the forums/ ask for advise if you need it.
  18. Finally got my bike tonight, picked up a 95 Suzuki GSX250F with 23,000kms on the clock, and took it for a little spin, sooooooo much fun! :LOL:
  19. Congratulations Mav! Now you're a real Netrider :cool:
  20. Nice one Mav, enjoy! :grin: