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Greetings and Salutations

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WolfishGrin, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Greetings and Salutations all.

    I'm a very happy new rider and inductee into NR, completing my first ever group ride in Victoria with some of you guys tonight (on "Betty" my 2010 Honda Shadow VT400CA9 cruiser in two-tone royal blue / pearl).

    Thanks for a great ride VIC members, and it was really nice to meet some of you!

    WolfishGrin (aka Zorb)

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  2. Welcome !

    T'was good to catch up tonight !

    No one here is TOO scary so be sure to come along to loads of rides !
  3. What about the others you met ;)

    Welcome to the forummm
  4. Welcome to NR Zorb !!!

    Glad to know you enjoyed your 1st group ride :D

    Betty is a nice looking machine ,
    enjoy the magic that 2 wheels will bring your life ;)
  5. Ditto mate, welcome!

  6. Welcome! You should come on the Wednesday night rides! :D
  7. stu_h> Thanks mate, great to see you again too.:beer:

    Brmmm> All that I met were nice, just didn't get to meet everyone...which I know you know what I mean](*,)

    Kitt> Many thanks!:D

    Kitju Kat> Thanks, and I would love to, however, I am at the mercy of the rosters I get given and the shiftwork hours I have to do in my profession. I'll certainly be there whenever I can!:D
  8. Welcome on board Zorb and see you around on a ride.
  9. yep, you got it, you know that I know that you know that I know what you mean. I just couldnt think of anything clever to say, so I went for dumb ;)
  10. Awesome dude! Let us know! the more the merrier! :D

    So what do you do?
  11. Looks like I may have next Sunday off and have a morning shift on Tuesday, so I may be able to come on both rides...no guarantees, but will do what I can to be there! :D

    PS (and it's a big one):
    My job is listed here, https://netrider.net.au/forums/member.php?u=33085 and it's the career that gets bagged the most in these forums. So many bad vibes....and until I hear both sides, not willing to comment on those situations.

    The following is not directed at anyone in particular!

    However, I feel a need to defend myself: I am a GOOD one! I treat everyone with the same level of respect I hope to be treated with, and expect every other member I work with to treat people they come across in their duties as though they are MY loved one (wife, son, mother)...with courtesay. For the record, MOST of us are good and courteous...admittedly there may be some cowboys still left in the organisation, but they are few and far between and the organisation has been trying to weed them out for a number of years (but name any job in the world where you don't have some tools working).

    On the other hand though, there is always an "attitude test" for the punters and many fail that. We have discretion for minor offences. As a general rule, if you are upfront, honest, and courteous with us, you will get exactly the same in return and most likely be left off with just a talking to, even if it was just a genuine mistake on your behalf...once you start bulls#!tting, making lame excuses, or displaying "attitude" you're wasting everyone's time (can you even begin to imagine how many idiots we deal with in a day?)](*,) and will probably get the penalty you deserve...nothing more and nothing less. We are constantly monitored and scrutinised in everything WE do, and must legally justify every action we do take, as well as the one's we don't at the end of every shift. Here is a penny for your thoughts: We have to make apperances at court often for our cases/investigations, and even tickets that are contested. We are always remembered by the Magistrate's who deal with us. If we falter once, i.e. exaggerate a detail, tell a lie, deliberately omit details, or waste valuable court time unnecessarily, our name becomes "mud" and unlikely to ever be believed in court again or by our superiors...for the rest of our careers (that leads to a very Unsuccessful career or ability to get convictions). Also, I have a very unique name that is rarely forgotten, meaning everything I do sticks and so I would never risk sticking s#!t to it. I have never met a member who has ever been so stupid as to unnecessarily give out a penalty, or destroy their careers by bull$#!tting. So if we give out a penalty, it HAS to be the correct penalty for what was observed, and every detail of that observation is also given in evidence, and held under the greatest scrutiny. Apologies for the rant...So if you feel you have been given a hard time, reflect on your own actions first. If you still believe it was unfair, then you are certainly well within your rights to contest the penalty and should definitely do so! Also, as example of the type of person I am...If I sped, I'd give myself a ticket and be prepared to accept the consequences of my actions...I am bound by the same rules as everyone else.

    Anyway, when I am with you on the rides, I'll look after you, but that of course is conditional on you doing the right thing. If anyone harasses you just for the sake of harassment, I'll certainly back you up...Fell free to talk to me before we start the rides, and I'll be happy to give you some tips on avoiding unnecessary attention. On the flipside, deliberately doing things that gain this attention or break the road rules/laws will not have my support.

    Apologies if the above seems like a rant. Again, I don't know what has happened to some of you on previous rides so cannot comment on those situations...just hypotheticals. I am a husband, father, son, and human being too...please treat me as such.

    The actions of the loud minority DO NOT EVER accurately represent the silent majority.


    Download and read the document from the above link! Have a look at our organisation values. These are freely available for anyone to read, and these are standards by which every action is measured internally and externally for every minute of everyday we work.
  12. PS: I'm yet to meet a copper who does the wrong thing. It doesn't mean they aren't out there, it just means they are few and far between. Don't paint all with the same brush...just as I don't think all Harley owners are in motorcycle gangs or retired accountants;)
  13. Welcome ! Nice bike !
  14. It's the woolf, that's who it is, the woolf :rofl:

  15. Welcome aboard Wolfish, pleased to have you here.
  16. Hi and welcome to NR
  17. Welcome to Netrider, I am sure your input on here will be interesting at the very least.

  18. Welcome to Netrider mate !
    PS- Is 'Zorb' short for Zorba ? I'll dance to that, if so (y)
    Nice to meet you out there sometime dude.
  19. Thanks guys.

    Zorb is actually short for Zorbey (Though born & raised in Oz I'm of Turkish origin and don't speak that language, I speak Japanese instead. Definitely not Greek...but have a few good Greek mates.

    Best wishes to all, including those who may not like my input;)
  20. Aah, thanks for clarifying that mate. Have a friend in the same industry whose nickname is Zorba and in his case, as Greek as they come :)
    Respect to you mate with Japanese in your language repertoire (y) (Wish I could say the same with Cantonese...heck, only lived 'that way' for 8yrs !)
    All the same, welcome champ.