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Greetings and Salutations

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TGM, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Gday, me and a mate just got our L's today and am stoked. Can't wait till I get a bike and start riding!

    I'll mostly be riding for fun, and eventually get to some track days but for the next few months it's a lot of backstreet practice for me.

  2. welcome to the new world bud, enjoy :)
  3. Hi TGM

    Welcome & congrats to you & your mate.
    What are you looking at buying?

  4. welcome

    where in melb u from?

    careful of TG she bites, scratches and kicks.
  5. thanks.

    tankgirl I don't know what bike I'll get yet, mostly will be dictated by money so at the moment it looks like an old GPX250.

    And Willzah I'm from Vermont South, not far from Malvern. And I'll make sure I wear my gear before provoking TG, don't wanna get bitten. :p
  6. set aside about $1k for gear.

    How much you looking to spend for a bike?

    Thats not far at all, gota ride past there to get to my GF house or nuXnux's house
  7. Money is always a big factor. Check out as many bikes as you can & ask these guys (NRers).

    Yeah, thanks Will. You (TGM) live closer to me. *LOL*
  8. No warnings, just 'Welcome' :).
  9. ^Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I don't do anything to deserve a warning lol.

    Just a quick question, I've read in the terms and conitions that you can get warned for using too many quotes, is what I've done in this post ok? If I'm responding to say, ten people, can I quote them and just cut out the middle of their post/irrelevant parts to keep post length down?

    Yeah, am aiming to spend about 1K on gear. Looking to get a fibreglass helmet, a leather jacket, draggins, gloves and boots for under 1.2K if I can.

    I'm still a uni student so money is still a problem but I'm hoping to keep it under $3500 for the bike and 3rd party insurance.

    Will do, have some relo's and some mates that might have a bike they need to get rid of which might be nice for me :) And yeah, if FTG is Ferntree Gully
  10. jjust to show u, what u just did is ok, what i just done is a no no
  11. Thanks for clarifying goz, I'll be sure to edit quotes. Was just a bit confused as none of the other forums I visit don't let you nest quotes, and in some editing other people's words is even a bit taboo!
  12. ^ Thanks mate that's perfectly clear now. Hopeful bunch you motorcyclists are, similar to mountain bikers. I'll be sure to pass on the favour when I have some experience to share.