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Greetings, along with a touchy subject...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Hi all, finally got around to getting my bike licence (well, OK, just my Ls a few weeks ago) and a bike to terrorize the neighb... uhhh... thats LEARN on. (XV250 for anyone who's tekanogikal around here...). Looks like this will be an interesting place...

    ANYWAY, the aforementioned touchy subject, and its something most of us have probably experienced already - the "Non-Supportive" or "Bike Hating" family member.

    I've got loads of support in my choice to ride from my work colleagues (not surprising, I'm the 4th person in the department to get a bike licence) - this helped me to finally get my Ls. Problem is, a couple of my family are really anti-bike and its proving pretty tough to handle.

    Anyone got thoughts/experiences that might help the rest of us going through this to deal with it ?

    Cheers all!
  2. belated congrats on the license! Great to hear! Also - welcome to the forum!

    Fortunately I have not been in the situation you are (my mother encouraged me to get my bike license, and my wife has grown up with bikes), however Van posted a similar thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2206.

    They should just be thankful that you have chosen riding - there are many other activities (some are even legal) which are much more risky.
  3. Welcome to the forum & congrats o the L's, expect an invite to coffee from groberts no matter where in the world you live froflmao!
  4. Welcome to the forums, and congrats on getting your L's :)
    Whereabouts in Vic are you located??
  5. Hi voyager , welcome to the forum :D . They might come around or they might not . When i got my first bike (many many moons ago) my mum was totally against it but she realized after a while that it was something that i loved doing and no matter what she said i was going to do it anyway .
  6. When I told my Mum I was gonna do it she said, "Well, if that's what you wanna do...." although I know she was and still is worried.

    When I told Dad, he just said "You're an idiot" and I said unto him "You're just jealous" and he said, "Well, yeah".....

    Depends what kind of negativity they're showin you voyager. I'm tippin though, its just their way of expressing worry for you :)

    Its all good, show em how good a rider you can be by doin the best you can to remain upright. That'll show em :p
  7. stay upright , ride sensably and they will settle .
    If they have to visit you in hospital , then you will get the "told you so"
    parents only give you a hard time as they are concerned for your welfare , thats understandable .

    politeley tell them "I have bought a bike , you are going to ride it and nagging at you will do nothing but make you more addament about it , so just except it and let me enjoy it."

    welcome to the world of riding

    Dont forget friday nights coffee at southbank :LOL: see rides / events section
  8. Tell em to FARK OFF :shock: and GROW UP.
  9. Cheers everyone - I appreciate the insights.

    Mizz, I think thats particularly good advice - I'll try to stick to it eh ? :)

    Kez Across - I'm in Werribee or someplace next to it. Don't ask me for specifics - I moved here from Perth and I STILL don't know my way around very well yet! I can find Parkville and Broadmeadows (work) - thats about my limit. Hopefully I'll learn my way around as a secondary effect of riding.
  10. Yup what Dazza said 8)
  11. my p's were fairly agro when i finally told them i had my l's (3 months after the test) but mum came round bout an haour later realising that i'm not going to be stupid on the bike, she's cool bout it now :)

    chin up things will get better :)
  12. Congrats on your L's. As to your family members, tell that you're old enough (hopefully :p) to make your own decision. More fatalities are done while driving, so rant (and I mean really rant) to them not to drive and that they're danger to everybody else. Also it's dangerous for pedestrians, so do they never cross the street? Concern is one thing, telling you how to run your life is another.
  13. It certainly seems like a few people have had this experience at one time or another. I guess I should be thankful that they care, but I do wish they'd be more supportive of the choice I made to ride.

    Maybe they'll come around to it once they see how much I enjoy it, and that I'm learning to ride safely and correctly. I can see more resistance down the track when I lose the 250cc restriction, but I guess I'll cross that fence when I reach it. Knowing my luck, it will be 12ft high, topped with razorwire and electrified with enough juice to stun an elephant, but thats another story...
  14. My nonna (grandmother) hates me riding a bike & tells me at every opportunity.
    But then I tell her about how granddad courted her on his vespa a breakneck speeds through post war cobblestone streets of northern italy (my dad helps me out with the story tellin’ details)…

    I think the tip here is to make bike riding look safe & a good thing to do. Stuff like avoid riding over your head too much when the ‘red mist’ decends, do group rides & build a network of ‘like minded’ so it’s a positive socal experience, & use your bike in a kind cool mature-ish sorta way – no pulling monos to impress your g’friends etc.

    Proberly heaps more things too, but something as exciting as riding motorbikes need to be taken with all the pleasure & pain that they give you. I think this would also help to build a fantastic perspective on your life with all the drama, comedy & tragedy you might go through.
  15. Actually, those tips are pretty close to what I wanted to get out of riding - chance to get out and have some fun, meet people, etc. I'm not into setting a world speed record or winning Daytona.

    Sounds like I'm on the right track then (scuse the pun...) - thanks!
  16. ita the enkoyment of riding is what appeals to people .
    someone said to me one day , the reason that car drivers have so much road rage is that they dont enjoy driving , to an extent i think thats true , they are frustrated , jammed up in traffic etc etc
    I have never and i mean never thought , bugger i have to go out how teadious , i love getting on my bike , rain hail etc , any weather , I dont care , i enjoy riding and dont care where i do it as long as i am doing it .
  17. Just do what I did and get your mum to learn to ride with you 8)

    Funnily enough, mum never told HER mum she could ride. Mum just let me have to listen to grandma telling me how dangerous it is, girl's shouldn't ride bikes, etc, etc. (it really didn't help that I came off on my way to her place one morning :oops:. She did see that even though I came off, I was OK).

    Best thing I've found to combat the opposition is to do plenty of rider training, get heaps of practice (damn...that means riding the twisties every chance you get!!), and wear the right gear!
  18. Congrats Voyager.

    Your story is similar to mine. 3 of my co-workers including my boss ride but my boss said he should take an insurance policy on me which wasn't very encouraging. My dad thinks I'm an idiot (He's a former rider since his best mate died on a bike) and everyone has a story about a friend/brother/relative who died on 2 wheels.

    One crashed into an Elk in the swedish countryside, one slid into a 4WD on a corner, my hairdresser just got back from her brother's funeral in Vietnam...

    But last night I picked up my first bike! (VTR250) :D