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Greetings all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Chuck41, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hi, I'm Chuck. I ride a 2001 GSXR 1000 on the road, and I race a Moriwaki 80, a '94 Cagiva Mito 125, and a '70 Suzuki T250 with the Post Classic Racing Association. I've been dropping in to have a lurk occassionally for a year or so, but have finally decided to register, after seeing a few guys talking about the Barry Sheene Memorial meeting

    If anyone's keen on getting into racing, but doesn't have big bucks to get set up, the PCRA is one of the cheapest ways of getting started that there is. Classes from period 3, Forgotten Era, New Era 1 and New Era 2 means that you can race any bike, of any capacity up to 1300cc, made up to 12/95.

  2. G'day mate Welcome!
    Im new here too, And as ive just gone 15 im trying to progess to 125GP, but thinking i might hop on a Moriwaki 80 for a few months first.. Anyway Just wondering if you got in Info on the 80's

    Cheers Blair
  3. welcome to the forum.....
  4. hey chuck

    welcome to our happy family (sometimes)

    hey enjoy yourself here and see ya around the forums.

    ride safe and have fun mate!