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greetings all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by slowandsteady, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all, Done a lot of reading and finally decided to do the formal intro thing.
    Started riding after a 12 yr break. Back on a 250 again (hyosung gt250r) and although frequently reminiscing about my old 91 gixxer, am loving my new v-twin even if running it in is killing me!!!!
    My wife although not a member yet (in fact is booked in for her learners next weekend) has just become the proud owner of an '02 zzr250 thanks to a quick flight to the ACT today!
    Will be looking forward to future group rides with the netrider team!!!!


  2. Well, Cameron, welcome to the friendly forum. If you've already done a bit of reading then you know what you are letting yourself in for!!!
  3. welcome sns.... :grin:
  4. Welcome to the forums.. enjoy.. :grin:
  5. Good job Cam. :wink:
  6. Welcome Cameron :grin:
  7. Cameron, Welcome
  8. Hi Cameron,
    Hope you'll get your skills back quickly. I'm guessing you're remembering pretty quickly but your bike insists on going easy? Pah! See you around :)
  9. Hi there and welcome :)
  10. Welcome Cam,I'm new to NR myself and congrats on your wifes new toy and hope everything goes well in her licence process.I had a 90 gsxr750,awesome,brilliant front end.How does the hyosong compare?
  11. I had a 12 year break too, now that I'm back into it I can't understand why it took soooo long ($ I suppose)
    Anyhow, welcome and enjoy :grin:
  12. Hiya and welcome. Hope you and the wife have a hoot puntin your 2fiddys around :grin:
  13. Welcome Cam, I think it's great your wife has a toy... :wink:
    Dnt feel threatened, so long as you both use them together, often & enjoy it them there shldn't be any arguements :LOL:
  14. +1 to what Boo said.

    Keep it a family affair and you will both get a lot of enjoyment out of your bikes together. :grin:
  15. Oh she was talking about bikes!? :shock: :shock: :(

    Welcome Cameron. Hope to see you guys on a ride or coffe soon.
  16. Welcome Cameron, good choice of bike(the ZZR), mine is same year and model.

  17. :LOL: :LOL: Ha ha yeah I was being cheeky, I love a double meaning more so face to face,
    so I can watch the split second expression as someone tries to weigh up if I ment it or not...
    It's amusing to me :roll: