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Greetings all :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Micky, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. New to the forum and few months into riding (3 months and 1,400km), had a lowside in my first 50km due to silly newbie mistake, had some reliability issues with my second hand bike, minus the minor hiccups I'm totally loving it.

    Looking forward to meeting lots of ya, am in the North Shore area of Sydney so catching up on some group rides and outings would be awesome :)

  2. Hi Mike and Welcome. What sort of bike do you have?
  3. G'day Mike, welcome to NR, have you seen the threas about the Homebush learner sessions up there in Sydney?
  4. a motorbike
  5. Boom Tish ... Remember autographed copies of Greg's album are on sale in the foyer. ;)
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  6. ello ello, it's an '08 Hyo 250R, the engine just died on me suddenly one morning on the way to work, no warning nothing, the mech said it's totally foobar'd for reasons beyond him, has decent exposure with Hyos coming into the shop and he's seen many problems but a complete goner of an engine is rare, so got a second hand engine (done <2,000km) sourced and installed, I couldn't do it myself cos I have two screwdrivers to my name, including labour that's ****d me about $1,700.

    I know it's after xmas and new years, but I'm open to accepting charity, I can pm you my PayPal account if you're keen? :angel:
  7. Hey bud, thanks for the greeting, I have not no, point me in the right direction! Brush up of basics are always fantastic. I've passed my P a few weeks ago, +1 point for a foot down but otherwise it was a breeze of a day, shitty weather all day long though. Did rent their VTR for the test, much easier to ride :)
  8. well if you wanna early start be at Essedon DFO [Dan Murphys car park] before8:25am we leave 8:30..
    Or prac session starts 10am in the car park behind the BP SErvo on beach rd, right next to St Kilda marina.. If car park is full we move to another location.

    here is the link, have a read, click on FIRST page and have a good read. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=115150&page=658
  9. Is that in VIC? I'm in NSW :p
  10. I think [MENTION=24072]goddie[/MENTION] is having a bit of a brain frizzle Micky, he already had posted about the Homebush learner sessions so I don't know why he now thinks you are in Vic. ;)

    Try this link: Sydney Learner Sessions
  11. YEP my apologies!! Monday ITIS :)
  12. Ah no worries! I'll give it a read and would go and have a look, good that people are helping out new riders :)