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Greetings all, "L"-ooking for riding mates in Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Danos, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hi all, My names Dan,

    I just got back from overseas and bought myself a 2009 Honda CB 400. Im 29 and I love riding and even though im on my "Learners" ive ridden for years before and travel the speed limit comfortably.

    Im hoping to find mates (class 4) to go riding with (black spur runs, great ocean road runs and any others i dont know about) on weekends.

    If you got a crew or just up for a ride and the weather is going to be good (not pouring rain or under 10 degrees as ive done it already and it wasnt the best fun) please link up, i love talking bikes and going on big rides.

    Hopefully i wont cramp your style as im on my "L's" -- I can go for my P's already but wont bother until spring so next year when i graduate i can jump on a bigger bike ready for the season.

    hear from you soon,

    Nice site and safe riding..

  2. Welcome mate, check out VIC Ride and Event Announcements link for rides in your area that might interest you
  3. cheers brother, yeah im having a look now, looking forward to meeting up with everyone, i only wish i knew about it sooner, ive been here since Feb..

    Do you guys ride all year round? No worries, im from Canberra so i can handle a bit of cold.
  4. im from Syd and i know theres always something on every month, same case for melbourne i suppose, go to all the events u can fit in and u will meet plenty of people, the biking world is like a brother/sister hood, except here on NR ofcourse :LOL:
  5. Welcome Dan and Welcome to melb!!!
    Happy to ride anytime so yell out, also keep an eye out in the forums and check regularly for people posting rides.... I missed one last week on a day off!!!
  6. Cheers Gilesy,

    I just got back from a ride to the Black spurs pub and back. Man i love that road, so nice but today must have been truck day because there were heaps..

    Yeah i got my eye on the events forum. Do rides get posted any where else?

    Glad to know your up for a ride, im thinking this weekend for sure if the weather is right. Maybe even check that thing in Campbelfield on Sat, but i prefer early rides because it gets cold at night.

    Ha, i know, i need to get me a thermal undersuit or something because today i was wearing 2 pants, 1 t-shirt + 1 long sleeve + 2 wool jumpers + bike jacket and i still got a chill towards the end.

    See how we go for Saturday?

  7. Welcome aboard mate.

    Always up for a weekend ride - based in south yarra so give me a yell anytime you want to go for a run on the weekend as that suits me better as the night rides start out before I leave the office most nights.

  8. Cool bro sounds good!!

    I have checked the forecast for Saturday and it seems like it may be ok to go for a ride, supposedly sunny with light winds but pretty cold.

    If we decide to go for a run should i put up a post on the VIC events forum and leave it open to anyone to come out?

    Im thinking Saturday 11-11:30am meet up and perhaps hit up The great ocean road? Ive been as far as Lorne, would of liked to go further but i ran out of day light and was shivering lol!

    Let me know your suggestions, if its best to put up a post somewhere else then i will, hope to catch yous for a ride this Sat.

  9. Welcome Aboard Dan !
  10. Yeah, of course advertise it, as the more the better I say.

    Would be up for it but not sure I can commit to like 5 hr ride to lorne and back, and i'm not sure the exact time, but maybe a 10am start with 3-5 finish would work
  11. Hey Dan,

    Yeah weekend rides are always better for my and maybe the odd occassion during the week. Too many things to do during the week!!!

    Unable to commit to a ride down the GOR, as working saturday morning but would be keen to head up to Campbellfield and take a look around.

    Ill keep an eye out of what you decide.
  12. Re: Greetings all, "L"-ooking for riding mates in

    That sounds familiar.

    Almost 11 years ago I said the same thing, now look :grin:
  13. Did you meet anyone nice, Vic?
  14. Just my freaking luck,

    I got called in to work on Saturday so that cancels a ride for me (damn) but if i finish early i will go check out that display in Campbelfield,

    whenever im sure i can make it out for a weekend ride i'll post up on the event planner or Vic events,

    see yous soon

  15. Yeah sweet Dan, me working too.....

  16. Hi Dan

    Yes always looking for someone to ride with on ta weekend, give me a yell if you need some company.

    I'm in Keysborough area.