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Greeting from returning rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by FAITH, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. I thought I’d say hello after reading the site for a while but only just joined.

    I am returning to riding after a 10 year absence. Was a bit worried I wouldn’t even remember how to turn on bike on let alone ride so I spent some time out at Stay Upright. Definitely remembered why two wheels are much more fun. :grin:

    Am thinking about a SV650, or maybe the FZ6 but open to other thoughts. I have a full licence, a long time ago rode a GN250. I plan to commute to work, not too long (14km) but heavy traffic and hopefully ride a bit on weekends.

    I was a bit shocked by the attitude most of the dealers have to test rides ie “No". Also felt most of the sales staff ignored me or seemed to think the colour would be a selling point ‘cause I’m a chick(?)†So am hiring the models for a few days each to see if they suit.
  2. I'd say go the Zook. :) I am biased though so dont listen to me :grin:

    Welcome to NR :cool:
  3. Welcome FAITH. I like the look of the SV.
  4. What about the GSX650F? It looks nice!
  5. +1 the gsx650f looks the goods
  6. Hi Faith, and welcome to Netrider.

    My suggestion for these ignorant dealers is to find the prettiest of all your girl friends, dress her up in motrocycle gear and trot off and see how many sales-people are quickly swaming over her offering to help. At the last minute then, say "oh, it's me who's buying not her..... :LOL:"