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greeting and hello's!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bodkin89, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Sup guys,
    I'm pretty new to riding, still on my L's, but i got my bike a week ago! Got myself a cheeky little CBR500R in red, white and blue and I named him "Anton" :)

    I feel like I'm a pretty confident rider at this point, it all feels really natural and awesome but I know I really need to work on my tight and slow cornering skills... Long, sweeping corners are my favorite but roundabouts are not my friend!

    Anyway, glad to meet y'all and hopefully lots of riding in the future!
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  2. Hey Bodkin and welcome
  3. Welcome Bodkin89, you certainly live in a nice area for riding.
  4. Welcome Bodkin89,

    Hope you and Anton travel many happy miles together.

    Roundabouts and U-turns are problematic for most Noobs. They were for me.
    Counterbalancing on the bike, seems to keep me and Suki shiny side up.
  5. Welcome Bodkin, all you need is a bit of practice, then a bit more, then a bit more on top of that☺, seriously though it will all come to you and your confidence will build the more you ride, and you've got a hell of a place to ride up there too
  6. Welcome Bodkin89Bodkin89
    enjoy getting to know Anton.
    In my limited experience as a rider one thing to get doing straight away is learning to point your head in the direction you want to go. This is the case in roundabouts especially!
    When I started riding, I had to negotiate these weeny, piss weak bastid roundabouts that are dotted all over the place near where I live.
    I used to "unwittingly" fixate on the footpath nearly every time instead of the exit and guess where I nearly always ended up...on the footpath...almost.
    I still go through them slowly as they are only just a car width wide. The buses and 4wd just drive straight over the top of them...tempting :woot:
  7. Welcome to NR ...
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. G'day Bodkin89Bodkin89, welcome to Netrider.