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Greeting All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kirion, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Hi netriders,

    Well as a new member I thought I'd inform whoever wants to read this thread, a little bit about myself. To start off with, 22 male been riding since Jan this year. I'm no my second bike already :p *yes I'm one of the statistics*. I ride a black GS500 and I'm loving it. As you should be able to tell I live in Canberra and have done so my whole life. I will be heading along to Cafe Essen today so I hope I'll see some fellow Canberra riders there. And... thats all I feel like posting for now :p If you want to know more or to chatt feel free to ask or drop me a line.

    Talk to you guys later.
    Ride safe and God Bless.
    Kirion (a.k.a Phil)

  2. Hey Phil, Welcome to Netrider and to the growing number of Canberrans in the 'clan'. Typhoon (Andrew) is moving down there soon as well.
    And if you pay a measly $5 for your membership, you can come down to Melbourne at Christmas and get a free sausage at the BBQ. You won't get a better offer than that!!
  3. g'day phil!

    if i were you i would escape to the south coast before canberra eats you....i did ;)

  4. :rofl: Good one hornet

    Welcome Phil
  5. Well I have already paid my $5 but I'll see what other offers I get before making my mind up for christmas :p
  6. I was just wondering why I would pay the $5 when I'm having a great time as is. Sausage - done!

    [...scrounges around in pocket to find card to join...]
  7. Welcome Kirion.....................
  8. Welcome Phil
  9. welcome mate :)
  10. Welcome, see you in Canberra in a bit.
  11. Welcome to the forums Phil :)
  12. Hey Kirion welcome to the forum, enjoy those roundabouts. :)
  13. Welcome Phil.