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Green vs Briggs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. you see it ? greens punch didnt even land but rather skidded along the top of his head

    what a farce

    Briggs out of shape and out of courage
  2. It was a disgrace. the punch barely touched him. Apparently some betting agencies suspended betting on which round he would fall as there was big money being taken for the 1st. Briggs never had a chance anyway. He hasnt fought in 3 years, was out of shape and weighed in 3kgs over the agreed weight. But to go down with such a soft shot is pathetic. Green was absolutely fuming afterwards.
  3. Maybe there should be a betting rule that sees you get your money back if the fight is decided in the first round. Would ease the corruption in this sport.
  4. I feel sorry for the people with foxtel who forked out the extra $30 to watch the event.

    He was just in it for the money. A tidy couple mil for taking the fall.
  5. Does anybody seriously believe that there is ANY credibility in boxing?
  6. I am constantly suprised by the number of people that give professional boxing any credence whatsoever. For me Mike Tyson's entire professional career was a sham. Mundine falls into the same category.
  7. Agreed, and Mundine is a moron as well.
  8. What's wrong with Mundines fighting ability. All of his fights that I watched looked pretty legit.
  9. that was a dog act, he should be banned from boxing for life, take his 50k for rigging it and fuk off
  10. Green or Briggs?

    Green organised the fight. To pick a chump like that to fight he's either stupid or in on it as well. Actually come to think of it he's both.
  11. briggs, even green was a stunned mullet
  12. Yeah I don't think Green is as innocent as he claims. I like the guy, but he organised the weak fight and continued with it even though everyone knew the guy wasn't fit.

    Mind you the crowd would have know too.
  13. ohhhhh fair dinkum, now green is coming out saying it was a legit hit and his eyes where rolling, fuk off the pair of yas
  14. yeah last night green calls him a dog and swears he wont get a single cent from the fight, now he says he hit him "on the soft part of the skull" and he was legitimately hurt.
    I call shenanigans (south park fans will know what I mean)
  15. Such a strange fight for Danny to go into at this point in his career. This joke Briggs has been in bed with the underworld for as long as his career, only question is was Green in on it.
  16. I have a feeling that his match fee is nothing compared to the bets he placed.
  17. his fights might be legit but that doesn't stop him from being a moron. He's always been a tosser, way back from when he was playing for dragons.

    As for Green, his last two matches have been decidedly stodgy haven't they?
  18. So do Jacky Chan's
  19. come on this is boxing we all know that only about 1 in 10 bouts are real competition and far dinkum. The rest are all stats padding or PR to build up a future fixture. There was no way known to man that Briggs wasn't going to get KO'd in that match.. they just got the timing wrong.
  20. Of what i can understand, Briggs has some major brain injuries, and wasn't even allowed to train properly leading up. He was supposedly in it just for the cash, and would have continued if he landed a solid thud to green. But after the round started he realized he couldn't make up and just sat it.
    29 seconds, and many thousands $ later . . .
    Mind you, I've seen Green before and the way he acts (as a boxer or not), he is the dog at many times.
    My friend whose into boxing told me the fight would not have been allowed in other states because of the condition of the fighters. As well as ufc is supposedly taking over this sport anyways . . .


    and from another forum, my friend's involved in. Reading through, it's quite interesting.