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NSW Green slip rant

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Clarkixlc, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. So my rego is due. And obviously I knew the costs of rego ctp ect before. However it pisses me off that I have to pay $900 for a green slip for my Zrx.
    If I owned a hayabusa or zx14 it would be approx $250 cheaper.

    The green slip is there to protect people that are injured in accidents. Why is my Zrx more inclined to cause injury to third party's over my shitty 91 liberty which is substantially cheaper.

    It shits me up the wall. If I didn't enjoy riding as much as I do, I wouldn't pay it.


  2. Your cc class carry more pillions than the rest of the classes, pillions are where the costs are.

    Other classes actually subsidise your class.
  3. I know they go in classes but why when I can carry the same as a gsx1400 is my green slip 200 odd dollars more. It's a joke
  4. There are simply more pillions being hurt on the 1200s than the 1400s. Maybe they carry them more often, all the 1200 beemer boxers being in that range might be the issue. If the class costs more it should pay more, that is fair. User pays.

    Sell it and buy a 1400, great excuse to trade.
  5. Fair enough. It's not enough to make me want to trade. But it is still a joke that a bike can cost more to register then a car. That's the point I'm trying to make.
  6. They need to remove pillions from getting compensation, you don't get compensation from crashing as the rider why do you get compensation for being dumb and not hanging on hard enough?
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  7. I definently agree with you there man.
  8. That's strange my Bandit 1200 (1157cc) only cost me $386 through GIO. Mind you that possibly has more to do with my post code than the bike.
  9. If you don't mind me asking mate what is your postcode ?
  10. Blah blah blah pillion this and that.....its just another excuse for them to **** riders.

    A car carry more passengers, and most bikes can carry the same amount of pillions. If its all about pillions then they should lower mine......since I have absolutely no intentions of carrying a pillion on any of my bikes..........
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  11. Move to QLD. - I used to pay around $700 for CTP in NSW but I now pay $80 in QLD!
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  12. I can get a Green in NSW for $189. Max for me is $290. In Qld I'd pay $278 or so for full seat.
  13. who you insuring with 'Clark'... and in wot state??

    $324 with GIO in NSW

  14. Mate I'm getting quotes from basically everyone. The best I got was like 930 yearly. And I'm in nsw western syd
  15. Just did a quick check and using your postcode mick I would save about 300 guess I have no way to get a cheaper one other than moving to qld, Wagga or changing my bike haha. Awell
  16. GIO (or companies that go through GIO) seem to be the cheapest in NSW.
    Is there any catch with their coverage?
  17. Try 2489. Beats Wagga. You get the best beaches around. 20 min to Gold Coast and lots of twisties inland.
  18. Would be an easy fix and a huge reduction in green slip if NSW RTA accepted the same scheme as QLD where you can certify via an engineer that your bike is modified in such a way as only to be able to carry the rider and no passengers - problem solved for many NSW riders
  19. And there's the problem.....