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Green slip quote o' doom

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, May 20, 2005.

  1. I have my bike for 5 months now, and the rego is up in 1 month. I got a quote from Allianz for my 1995 Suzuki GS500E of $622.00. Now, correct me if I am wrong but thats bloody extortionate isn't it! Its twice as much as what I paid for the car! Are there good companies to go to for green slips? Swann don't do them.

  2. holy crap batman... i just got my VTR250 comprehensively insured with Swann for just over $700...
  3. Thats criminal.

    I always found the best place to get a greenslip was thru a broker. They check lots of different companies and find the cheapest one they can.
  4. Ah, privatisation at its best.

    My CBR1000 cost me about $290 for CTP (Transport Accident Commision) this year. This included that "motorcycle safety initiative" charge ($50), which may be dropped in the not too distant future.

    Another good reason to live in Victoria.....

  5. Not wrong there.

    The Green slip is the equivelent of our TAC cover which was opened up to outside competion in NSW and the premiums sky rocketted (Liberal governments take note) as a result AND if you are the at fault driver/rider you're not covered at all unlike the Victorian TAC Scheme which is a no blame system and makes a profit and plows some of it back in safety campaigns and road improvement projects.

    and your roads are terrible.

    More reasons to live in Victoria.
  6. Bad roads make better riders :p :p
  7. Yet another in the extremely long list of examples where privatisation of a Government service has not resulted in greater efficiency.

    In fact, I have yet to see an example of service becoming more efficient once privatised.
  8. Ill argue that point. Bad roads make you crash more. Having experienced the worst roads in NSW (Byron Shire), they dont make for good anything!!!

  9. I have comprehensive insurance with Swann for the same amount, but the green slip is a completely different matter. I am amazed to see that it can cost the same as my comprhensive insurance.
  10. [smartarse tone]And all the offs we've been hearing about lately? Have they been on Victorias nice roads or NSW shitty roads???[/smartarse tone]
  11. The companies that do cheap green slips, only seem to do them in blocks then stop.

    The jump for a greenslip from a 250 to anything else is frigging enormous, with CTP being the same as full comp, it's a bloody rip off.
  12. Here's the details I had of the cheapest, but they stopped last I know. They had a number in bulk and were reselling them. Could try calling to see if they are still doing it.

    Aon insurance

    Prices are.....

    $350 for over 300cc
    $143 for 100-300cc

    Phone number 02-9683-0900.

    (NSW only, Sydney Metro quote).
  13. [duuuuuur tone]

    How many Victorians chat on ths forum?? sheeseh!!

    [/duuuuuur tone]

  14. Nice return...
  15. gee if u r so worried about it, why dont u just walk or ride the bik:LOL:
  16. Yep I just paid $143.00 for CTP for my RS250 that one reason why I haven't gone up to a bigger bike.

    I'm having too much fun, and cheap to keep on the road.
  17. insurance (of all forms) is one service I would love to see in state control as a not-for-profit service (unlike the TAC)... you could tax everyone a standard rate for insurance for all life, health and property, say $1000 a year.

    Don't ask to see my costings though, they may be a bit dodgy.