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Green slip prices for over 300cc WTF!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by The_Doctor, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Recently sold my cbr250r in preparation for getting off my P's and getting a bigger bike.

    Was speaking to a mate on the weekend and he informed me of the green slip prices for bikes over 300cc and I couldn't believe him.

    So I just jumped on the green slip comparison site that the RTA provide and sure enough, the green slip prices are more than a car!

    wtf is that about? is it because bike riders are more susceptible to having an accident, or because the injuries involved in accidents with bikes are usually severe?

    Either way I just wanted to have a whinge about it. Looks like I'll be looking at buying another 250 in the near future just to save myself $400 a year on green slip costs.

    End of rant.
  2. As usual there's always more to the story.

    I have my car and bike full-comp with QBE, and have one at-fault accident and three points carrying till December this year.

    I'm 59 years old and my Green Slip for my car is only $289.00 with QBE and $325 with the bike.

    Premiums are not set arbitrarily; there's always some reason.
  3. Move to Vic, mate. You will pay full price here too.
  4. I dunno what a green slip is when compared to Vic, but my rego on my 250 was $330, and i live in the country (about $30 - $50 cheaper than the city for some reason)
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  6. Yep the life of owning a 300cc + bike becomes costly. Bout 4 times the price for greenslip of a bike under 300cc if you dont look around. Ridiculous i know.

    Also included in that price is Medical Care and Injury Services levy which is 47% of the premium price for where i live, little less for outback, little more for city areas, you can look it up. Im with NRMA and surprisingly its not bad this time around.
  7. And for my 600, rego is $532.80 :cry:

    EDIT: and $452 is for the frikin' "TAC charge"... like they dont get enough from speed cameras :roll:

    EDIT2: just found the TAC charges Docco... sounds all BS to me... taxes and duties all over teh frikin' place ffs :roll:
  8. If you dont need a bigger bike and want to save the money, yes, keep the under 300, if you want power look for the fastest under 300, maybe an aprillia rs250 or an rgv250, or a ktm300 for trailie. If you want bigger bike due to size get the biggest under 300cc eg Hayasung comet 250 or their sport 250r or maybe a honda hornet 250. Looking for practical bike with storage go for an across or even try a maxi burgman. Still a big choice, but if you want a bigger choice just pay the extra $300/year
  9. For what I'm using a bike for (commuting around the sydney area and when attending customer sites etc, short rides etc) I can't justify paying $680 for a green slip which is what it spat out for a 28 year old on a 600cc.

    If I bump it up to 30 years of age, QBE comes in at $424 which is manageable;

    AAMI $686.00 132 244 On-line quote
    Allianz $682.00 1300 137 664
    CIC-Allianz $673.00 1300 360 340
    GIO $680.25 131 010 On-line quote
    NRMA $681.74 132 132 On-line quote
    QBE $424.00 1300 791 874 On-line quote
    Zurich $671.00 1800 811 099

    Maybe I've got another year and a bit of 250cc riding.... :cry:

    I was considering buying a vfr400 for something a little bit quicker and still P plate legal, but if that's the green slip price, forget it.
  10. I know its strange how they worked it out at 300cc, would be nice to see it go to 400cc before the hike. or even lams bikes and under 300cc.

    But as they probably will not change this way of calculating for a while, stick to a 250 or go for something very big like a hayabusa or 900cc fireblade or cbr1100xx and get your moneys wearth for personal injury insurance

    I had no idea it was THAT much..... *shudders*
  12. *cries franticly*
  13. for me, my greenslip options were;
    without comprehensive insurance = $540ish
    but with comprehensive insurance = $289

    i have full comp on every vehicle i operate.
  14. It's very simple. If people under 30 would stop writing off 300+cc motorcycles, you wouldn't all be tarred with the same brush...........
    Apply peer pressure to your mates, and maybe in 10 years things will change.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I thought it had to do with emissions garbage, the same for like big engined vehicles and/or older 15yrs + vehicles which emit more carbon then say a newer/smaller car, and are slugged with higher greenslips.