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Green Silp - Is there a cheap option in NSW?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr.Ed, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone! As you might have guessed I need to get my bike registered and need a new green slip as the previous one expired more than 3 months ago. I tried MMA website but the quotes there don't seem to be very precise. Does anyone know what's the cheapest insurance company (less expensive!)? From what I've gathered the prices will vary more 100%...
    Thank you all!!


    Ps: Best quote I got was $383 for a CBR 600RR '03 with QBE. Does it sound right?
  2. thats probably the best price you can get for over 250cc greenslip in NSW. If you find anything cheaper (im pretty sure you wont), post it in here.
    Im assuming that price is only given to you if you have full comp insurance with them (thats the price they told me, but only if i got full comp with them though).
  3. Not really. They actually offered me that price regardless of any other insurance!! I made sure to write down the quote number as I was expecting it to be a bit more expensive. But I:
    -Will be riding my bike less than 8000 km/year
    -Am over 30;
    -Am the only rider;
    -Have an absolutely clean record (God knows how, or for how long! :p );
    -Keep her on a LUG.

    I don't really know how much that affects the outcome, they must take some of those into consideration though, or they wouldn't ask (I guess).

    Thanks for the reply mate, particularly glad that you also ride a RR as it makes it a bit more consistent!
  4. no problem,
    fyi, im in northern sydney, 28, clean record, drive less than 8000km a year, only rider as well. they only offered that price to me if i got the full comp with them (which i didnt), i ended up getting greenslip through nrma for $410 i think. I rang quite a few places, and most wanted $600+