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VIC Green P's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nathanshnoz, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I realize that as of July 1st in VIC P-Plate motorcyclists have to display a green P plate instead of a red one. Does anyone know if there are any additional restrictions or anything like that or is it simply one colour for another? (i do realize why due to car restrictions changing)

  2. First I heard of it .. I guess green is probably more appropriate . :?
  3. Yes well i don't think it has been publicized all that much (although i saw it on channel 10 news tonight). i only found out when i received my new plates for my car in the mail today (they send them to you free) and noticed the same applies for motorcycles. :shock:

    Link to new rules

  4. :LOL: you will have the same treatment as nsw provisional drivers, with out the speed restrictions red p's 1st year, green for the next 3 years, in NSW we only have to hold the greens for 2 years :LOL:
  5. if they have sent you a set of green p's it is because you will need to do the second stage of the GLS, if you got your p's after the 1st of july 2007, the green p's need to be attached for the next 3 years
  6. God damn bureaucracy! :p
    Lucky for me i got my car P's 2006 so just have to wear these sexy green ones instead of reds :cool: But going for bike P's on 27th of June so i am simply curious if there are any other new restrictions or anything...that site seems to be specific to cars not much about bikes
  7. Yet again Victoria trumps New South Wales in the stupidity department.

    They got a head start on us* with the inception of AFL, and they've been determined to hold the number one title ever since.

    *I live in Victoria, but my heart still resides up north.
  8. actually go talk to vic roads, as you got your p's before the 1st of july you don't go on the GLS (graduated learner system), it's only those that got their P's after the 1st of july 2007
  9. my current (and hopefully last) episode of being on p's commenced in october 2005. vicroads sent me green p plates in the mail today. they should come in handy for the remaining three months.
  10. Oh no..

    I thought this only applied for cars

    I'll be getting an extra year on my Ps? :shock:
  11. if you are currently on red "Ps" you go to green "P" on july 1, will stay on green until end of your current prob period, if you go from bike "Ls" to bike licence after july 1 you still have 12 month passenger n engine (although LAMs comes in from july 1) restriction BUT wear your green "P" on the bike, hope this clears this up, and yes Vic Roads were sloooow to inform everyone what was going on ...... including counter staff ....... mutter mutter
  12. Beating a dead thread...

    I passed my motorcycle license test in March 2012. I understand that in March 2013 I should be off restrictions. That means I'm permitted a 0.05 BAC, unrestricted bike etc. However do I still have to display "green P's" after that date? And for how long?

    Seriously this is ridiculous...
  13. Depends on your age. No green Ps if you are over 26 (approx) or is that only NSW? Also it's a BAC of 0.049, 0.050 will put you over the limit.
  14. Cheers. Oh and I'll make sure that last half drop of carlton stays in the bottle and not in my belly.