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Green P's and test rides

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by viramitch, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So I've been on my green P's for a few months now and I'm starting to look at bigger and better bikes. What I want to know is what is involved in going and test riding bikes as I've never done it myself?

  2. Are you talking from a dealer or private sales?
  3. From a dealer, sorry I should have specified. I'll be going to peter stevens in geelong most likely.
  4. Well from a dealer.. they'll usually just take a copy of your license, to make sure you don't steal the bike and if you got a ticket.. they can forward it to you.
    i've only test ridden 2 bikes from dealers, and the others have been private..

    private.. they might ask for the deposit to hold onto or .. a copy of your license.. depends on the person, perhaps take someone with you like i did so it sort of puts their mind at ease, that you will come back.
    um what kind of bike are you looking for? i recommend buying private as you'll get a better deal in most cases, a bit more wiggle room for negotiation than a dealer who is usually pretty firm.

    I guess its different for each dealer/private sale.
    Just ask them what is the go.. you may not even need to leave a deposit (private), dealers... as i said i've only had to let them take a copy of my license and sign a bit of paper stating when i took the bike out.. and how long i would be.
  5. The bikes I'm looking to test ride are the triumph thruxton, bonneville and/or the speed triple. I've gone onto the triumph site and sent out an enquiry to peter stevens in geelong so hopefully they'll get back to me shortly.
  6. You may find most dealers won't let you test ride a bike that you are not licenced to ride.
  7. You may find green P's are unrestricted in that aspect.
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  8. Lucky prick, in NSW, P platers are still restricted to LAMS bikes.

    I bet you're allowed to do the posted speed limit too, and not restricted to some stupid reduced speed
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  9. I thought that was only L platers who had restricted speeds in NSW? But yeah here in VIC I'm only restricted to 0.00% BAC. For that I'm thankful to live in victoria :p (somewhat)
  10. Learners are restricted to 80, Red P platers 90, Green P platers 100.

    Stupid and dangerous, but yep that's the law for you.
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  11. Got a few of months left on my Ps and tested out a striple R at Melbourne PS last week.
    No problem at all, I was escorted though but pretty sure that's standard.
  12. NSW you can get Ls at 16 years and 9 months and Ps at 17, pretty sure in VIC you need to be older. At leasts that's one advantage.