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green plants

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. this one has had me stumped for a while:

    why are plants green?

    The "standard" answer is because of the pigment chlorophyll.

    But why, since sunlight has most of its energy in the yellow-green part of the spectrum, do plants reject (reflect) these most abundant wavelengths? Normally evolution finds optimal solutions, the optimal solution here would seem to be to absorb the yellow green wavelengths instead of reflecting them

  2. :shock: you think too much dude. they're green, thats it :wink:
  3. Hey Russ, great topic. This is something I know heaps about. My professor and me still chat about Green Plants even to this day.

    The reason why plants are Green is because of the MYKME (as in "mick-mee") Enzyme that reacts with the photosynthetic process after a healthy dose of rain that has come from Artic Regions, which internally produces the Chrorophyl pigment you mentioned.

    Photosynthesis after rain is very important to the production of the Chlorophyl Pigment. Have you noticed when plants are yellowy? Contrary to common belief, it is not because they have bad liver.

    Scientists have discovered that the Mykme Enzyme, has great levels of potent organic Liparons (as in "lipp-a-rons"), which, once further research is finally complete, can be used to cure Hereditory Baldness, as well as replace certain ingredients in Botox, to make it longer lasting yet more elastinic.

    So yeah, Green Plants ROCK!!!!

    YOUR "National Georgraphical" ZZR250 PUP
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  5. hehe yeh I'm getting all my stuff from him (I work with him)

    the man is a total guru I've never seen him unable to provide an answer to any problem handed to him (and these puzzles are childs play to him) .

    As for the answer to the puzzle, yeh much like the sky is blue because of the absorbtion of blue wavelengths, plants absorb green
  6. Pup of many talents!!! lol :D :D All good!!
  7. Heya,

    Wouldn't it be strange if grass was blue and the sky was green :shock:
  8. plants are green so when you go over the handle bars doing a high side it gives you that "green blue green blue " effect
    God everyone one knows that even honda riders :LOL:
  9. Thanks Lids.

    All my friends are Professors. I learn alot. And then we play Dungeons and Dragons.


    YOUR ZZR250 PUP.
  10. I know what you mean Grobs, would it feel so strange if it was blue green blue green like csls was suggesting :shock:
  11. Idiots :)
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    Do not feed the trolls, they will die of starvation eventually.
  13. Definantly Picard :wink: :LOL:
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    sorry, he just looked so hungry, and how can you say no to those eyes

  15. Absofrigenlutly :LOL:
  16. oh crap, on the wrong computer!!! :oops:

    this is coconuts..... shyte :oops:
  17. you called boss , thats us :LOL:

    now that was funny .....hehehehehe .....he looked hungry ...hehehehehe
  18. my plants are all brown and crispy
    explain that with your "science"
  19. na benjamin sisco of deep space nine.