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Green P Platers!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by panza83, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Saw my first green P plate bike in the wild today going along Victoria rd, Drummoyne, must be one of the very first ones out there.
    Poor dude... 2 more whole years...

  2. So it wasn't just a nightmare :eek:hno:
  3. lol :D


    i mean, sucks big time though
  4. Mmm green peas- I'll be getting mine soon.

    My assessor at my Ps test last year mentioned that there were some discussions about letting people on their second year of their green ps have unrestricted bikes. Does anyone know anything about this? I won't hold my breath.
  5. One of the advantages of being an old bastard is that I'll miss those whole two years. [​IMG]
  6. i've got my green p's, in vic you only get a green P if you have a probationary car licence.

    but theres no bike restrictions anymore. you can say that cbr1000 with a P plate on the back looks hilariously illegal.
  7. According to the handbook P2 holders are still restricted to LAMS bikes.

    However, they can carry passengers (which used to be restricted to 12 months after getting a full licence), and if they did their pre-provisional course/MOST on an automatic bike they are no longer restricted to automatic bikes.
  8. Looks like Victorian riders are only stuck with restrictions for the first twelve months (any licence, probationary or full).
  9. yeah its awesome, but car drivers are stuck with restrictions on what you can and can't drive, even though they can ride a 1000cc sportsbike which is far quicker than nearly any car out.

    i was worried at first that i would be stuck on LAMS for 4 years, but its not to be.
  10. Im riding a cbr600rr on green p plates! Some of my friends are on big bikes and still on their P's aswell.

    Most people wont display their P's on the bike anyway, so you wont find that many green p plates attached to bikes.
  11. I dont bother with my p plates anymore.. Mainly due to the fact iv had like 4 sets on my bike and they all fall off/snap/get ripped up.
  12. I'm getting my green P's this Friday then opening a savings account so in 12 months I can buy a Zx-6r :)
  13. Only 55 days till i go from my reds to my fulls... Booyah. Thank god for being 26.
  14. They talk about it all the time but it never happens.
    One set of rules for the whole country....... Is it really that hard?
  15. I had to put four on all together to stop them snapping. Even then some of them still snapped.

    Got mine two weeks ago. Thank God for getting in before cut-off
  16. im on the greens in vic.

    only lost of P plate off my zx6r, and that was because the whole number plate came off, haha.
  17. My red P lasted 3 weeks, then faded to plain white from the exhaust. Nowhere else i can mount it so tough.
    Me well im 26 nearly 27 so i avoid all the green Ps drama ;). Did that with the car... why the hell should i do it again :p.
    But, as for unrestricted, for me.... 9 - 10 months yet.
  18. i have 5 days left only riden on the road once or twice though in 2+ years of being able to.
  19. im 19 and off my green p's in 4 more months. i already have a tlr1000 lined up thanks to the uncle :D
  20. 9 months till I get my full licence (for driving).
    had my full rider's licence for like 2 years now. had my priorities straight ;)
    unsure of the next addition to the garage, new Beemer S1000RR or a pre-loved Honda S2000...