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Green light is NOT always safe to drive/ride through

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Always

  2. Almost Always, I forget at times

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  3. Only when I've stopped at the intersection

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  4. Hardly ever

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  5. Never .. or Never really given it much thought

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  1. Note: "This is not a discussion about this particular accident, so please lets not make it one"
    That terrible accident in Lynbrook ( where a truckie 'allegedly' ran a red and collided with a festiva ), got me thinking once again.
    It stresses the importance of looking both sides before proceeding through a green light. Never take anything for granted. I have to admit there are times i just don't look closely enough to what's happening on the intersecting roads. Please be careful out there, especially in the wet.

  2. Always do.
    It's no good being "in the right" if you are "DEAD right" :cry:
  3. I almost always do, I'll admit to being occasionally distracted but it's definitely worth the extra effort.
  4. i always do if the intersection is empty ie no cars waiting for their green
  5. I do what the voices tell me to do
  6. I always check if there is no-one else going the same way as me. If there is a string of cars already on their way through, I usually sail through behind them.
  7. having had in my silly youth (when I rode a MachIII)
    a goose in a car who thought he could beat a bike off from a set of lights
    ...go under a semi trailer who ran the red :evil:
    while I sat there and watched :shock:
    coz I saw the semi speed up as he approached the intersection
    and having seen the result... a car about 2'high and an addition to the
    road toll

    ...I look :grin:
  8. Always look out of necessity.
    Ballarat drivers lack the ability to make right hand turns. They either continue to turn long after the lights already changed (because they did make it into the turning lane before the light went green after all :roll:) or, worse yet, think they don't have to give way to oncoming traffic provided they make the turn really fast as soon as the lights go green (and I've seen motorcycles do this to, I've had to brake to avoid them :shock:).
    Funnily enough the only time I've seen traffic light intersections work efficiently was the day none of them were working (total power blackout).
  9. I always look. If there are cars already stopped in both directions, I'll generally sail on through with a casual glance.

    If there's no cars stopped such that someone could easily enter the intersection from the side at speed, I always slow down, cover the brake if necessary, and watch to ensure that no one's coming through at speed.

    One time when riding through Fitzroy, green light, all looking good, an ambulance with the lights and sirens on comes wailing straight through the intersection and very narrowly missed me. With the high walled buildings and narrow streets in that area, and the apparent speed of the ambulance (would've been doing close to 100kph is my guess - it was going VERY fast) I didn't hear the sirens or see the ambulance until the absolute last second and had I been just 5m further ahead I would've been an ambulance hood ornament. I thought it quite odd behavior for the ambulance driver though - they normally do slow down and take it easy when running reds, but this guy must've been a bit new or inexperienced.

    If only to re-inforce the point further a few weeks later I was standing at a petrol station on a corner getting ready to fill the bike up when I see some guy go straight through a red light and slam straight into the side of a car that was travelling through the intersection normally. In the car that got hit, it was a young mother with her young child in the back seat. Mother's head had impacted the side window with a bit of bleeding, but other than being stunned for a short while she recovered her faculties fairly quickly. I've never forgotten the little kid in the back screaming in terror.

    As a result of the above two incidents, intersections always give me pause and I'm always on the lookout.
  10. Becomes second nature after awhile...
  11. This is my standard practice as well
  12. Spot on, I do a lot of riding around Dandenong and in traffic, I always check. At the start it was very deliberate but after a while it really does become 2nd nature, like putting a helmet or seat belt. I have even found I head check a lot more in the car now.
  13. I always do a quick check of any intersection before going threw, whether it be traffic light, stop sign, give-way sign ect.

    If there is traffic stopped in all the lanes at the intersection, then I just give it a quick glance.
    If there is any clear lanes, then I take a little more notice.
    If there a clear lane with moving traffic approaching the intersection, then I slow down, cover the brake and expect them not to stop. I would rather be pleasantly surprised if they do stop, rather than caught off guard if they dont.
  14. Yes, I am finding it is becoming second nature to do a quick left/right at intersections. I also headcheck all the time on the rare occasions I now get to drive a car and even feel like I want to lean round corners! Did forget to put my seatbelt on yesterday though, when I had to drive........just don't need to do that on a motorcycle.....
  15. Not only at traffic lights but at every intersection and driveway. It's part of riding defensively. Very few people obey every law every time.

    An important persepective to reinforce, good thread.