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green light gods and foot down ratio lol??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. to entertain myself on my daily commute, I try to go to work without putting a foot down to the bitumen.

    I have 25 sets of lights in 32km and have managed a few times to achieve my target, including this morning (saturdays are always easier :grin: )

    With the help of racing the amber, slowing for the cars to activate, splitting and watching the other lights change and the all important clutch slip staionary wait, it is possible on my trip.

    Am I the only person that does this or do others play along the same way??

    If so, what is the lights/km ratio on your trip................mine stands at 0.78 :LOL:

  2. Re: green light gods???


    I have been known on occasion to try this - I think I've succeeded once. :cool:

    Depending on whether you count pedestrian crossing lights, I have between 33 and 36. The commute is about 12.5 km. So I guess my ratio is 2.88. :(
  3. I've got 8 in an approximate 6k trip. Never managed to not put a foot down. They don't know how to program lights in Tassie.
  4. i have none in a 55km commute to uni :p

    but i have about 50 odd in a 80km commute to work... i put my foot down maybe 5 or 6 times in that trip on a weekend though.
  5. I'll have to count next time I go into the city / to work...
  6. LOL i remember sitting in my cage last year watching a guy do exactly this.. He slowly rolled up to the red, ready for the green(he was ever so slowly weaving like a cyclist) this poor bloke obviously didnt know the sequence. Anyways the lights changed in the turning lane but this bloke was goin straight and couldnt get his legs down quick enough. I wish i could have yelled out "timber" cause thats what it looked like, a tree falling :)
    I jumped out and helped him we lifted the bike and he was out of there quick smart, obviously feeling like a tool.
    Me and the missus still have a chuckle about it to this day oh and i saw a cyclist do it a few weeks ago to.. LOL gold.
  7. :grin: i love it when you get a good run!
    i managed to get from my place, to the Shopping Night last wednesday, without stopping :cool:
    17.5km with at least 25 sets of lights :grin:
  8. Not on a bike, but back in my roadie days I drove a truck with a broken clutch arm without stopping once from Wodonga, down the Hume, into Melbourne, Manningham Rd, Springvale Rd, to Dandenong. This was before City Link :D
  9. Sometimes the light is so long there's just not much you can do to avoid stopping. Sometimes the thing to do would be to slow down waaay ahead of the light, because you can see it is red and when you know the road you know just how long it will stay that way... but doing that would infuriate the drivers behind you because one of the many road skills our drivers haven't mastered as the rule is the art of moving along in smooth motion. Our preferred way is still to race to the next red light then slam the brakes as hard as possible, then race away to the next red light hundred meters down the road....

    Another reason why the only time I ever actually enjoy being on the road in Sydney is around 5-6am on Sunday morning - all the idiots are still asleep.
  10. :roll: everytime I go down davey street (one of hobarts 2 really really main drags :LOL: ) those lights are fantastic. synchronized and all, I hardly ever have to stop, and theres a whole raft of lights along there.

    couple of months ago riding home on my bicycle from school (road bike) cruising down my street, went up my driveway, all kids from my street stop p;laying footy and look at me like im a god cuz i do it with no hands, get up to the top of my driveway and I think (hey i'm cool, i'll do a stall), so stop the bike, and try and balance for as long as I can. Last about 5 seconds and then TIMMMBERR. fcukWIT still had his foot stuck in the footstrap. Tried to pull it out as I went down but only compounded my idiocracy. Kids are killing themselves, I hurriedly get up and p;ut the bike in the garage. :grin: Not such a legend now, all the 4 year olds always laugh at me when i rode past after that. Until I got a motorbike. Then I was a legend again :twisted:
  11. While I agree Sydney drivers don't know how to cruise at a slow pace, there is nothing more infuriating than people who slow down about 50mtrs before the light and roll slowly ahead. Drives me crazy.
  12. Exactly what I'm talking about... if the light ahead is red and staying this way rolling slowly towards it is clearly the intelligent thing to do - not coming to a complete stop and avoiding braking and then acceleration is good for your vehicle, your fuel consumption, the environment (less polution), your pocket and your sanity... and (as long as you time it properly) you still get there at the same time. Ask yourself then, why does it drive you crazy? it might be useful for you (and for others who have to deal with you) to examine your attitudes and reactions.
  13. ^these types of attitutes are typical of the modern time-hungry world. Even the illusion of losing time will drive people to become very angry.
  14. try out balancing cyclists when they pull up next to you....do it all the time and mostly i can out balance them or neither of us put feet down :LOL:
  15. Simplicity on a scooter.

    You simply pop the side kick stand down when you come to a stop and sit there balanced on the scoot leaning to the left on the side kick. Then when you ride off, you just kick the stand back up when your going.

    The only time it doesn't work is when the road has a incline to it, forward or left as the scoot will roll forward and knock the stand up or your leaning too far over to balance without toppling over.

    If you count not using the stand, well it is easy on my daily commute. Being a 50cc scoot I stick to the 60kmh roads and can get to my work with only three traffic lights for a 10 kay ride so it's pretty easy to do.
  16. That's a nice idea, however the last two scooters I've had (and I'm sure many bikes out there do the same) have an interlock tied to the side stand, so as soon as you put it down the engine cuts out. Do that at the front of the lights and you'll look like a d!ck as you take several seconds to stand the bike up again, start it up and take off :roll:
  17. i used to do this on the pushie all the time, at the lights, and just to show off i could reach down, grab a water bottle, swig and remain in the saddle and stationary at the lights... all that practice has allowed me to do the same on some roads on my mt-01, thanks to the big tyre footprint and low COG... if i come in hot on the brakes, usually on an upward slope, i can balance the bike, STATIONARY... i love it.
  18. I try to balance at lights, and not put my foot down till I have to (without falling over that is). Not so much into racing orange to make points though.

    Also I've been trying it at stop signs, actually coming to a complete stop then getting away without putting a foot down. It's all getting mildly easier with practice.

    Being able to control your bike expertly at low speed is way more impressive (and useful) than the way many riders try to show off at speed beyond their abilities.

    It's frightening how many riders look like they think they're gonna fall over at anything under 10 km/h - have to ride along with both feet out and all that ... and they're usually on more expensive, faster rides than I am, with their full license :shock:
  19. I've got 13 or 14 sets to negotiate on my commute. I do try to avoid stopping or putting a foot down but I swear some of them have got sensors which will only allow them to go green as my boot touches the road at the latest possible moment before I either fall over or drift into the junction.

    I tend to do the drifting up to a red light bit too, and I'm always amused by the number of motorists who will attempt to hoot or flash me out of the way. There's a bl*#dy red light 50 m ahead, where on earth do they think they're going to go? :grin:

    It's all good practice for when you pop a clutch cable or snap the lever.

    I'm cautious about doing the balancing trick at stop signs though (although I do try it), in case a non-biking cop decides that I couldn't possibly have stopped completely if I didn't put a foot down. Maybe I'm excessively paranoid but I can do without three points as a result of someone else's ignorance.
  20. my daily commute is 50km each way and i have 2 sets of lights to cope with :grin: Usually poke one foot down..... i could never balance properly when i rode a bicycle..... even worse on the kwaka.