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NSW Green Group (Advanced) on a 250?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BlackSparrow, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Anyone done the Advanced Group (Green - not Red (ie racers)) on a 250cc at Eastern Creek? Ive got a CBR250RR and was running yellow group last week and i was overtaking heaps of dudes. On the last session i started at the front and nobody passed me the whole session.

    Im not bragging here im just super keen to progress my skills and i wondered if the 250 wouldn't be fast or suitable enough for the advanced group. Obviously the straights are alot slower but i seem to pass everyone by the end of the lap again. This bike is amazing in the slower sections compared to higher capacity bikes.

  2. Short answer is no. Your speed down the straight and into turn 1 would be dangerous for others in the group. It must of been a slow day in yellow.
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  3. yeah thought so
  4. Last time out SMSP POPEYEPOPEYE had his little baby blade there and was more than holding his own in Yellow group through the corners but because it was slower than everyone else on the straight they demoted him to white group, Im surprised they didnt do the same with you, he was lapping at just under 2 min which is pretty quick.
  5. If you could hit close to 200km/h down the straight you should be OK as long as you carry that corner speed for the rest of the circuit.

    I was at a ride day where there was a racer on a Ninja 300 in red group. He was made to wear a fluorescent red or yellow vest to warn other riders to pass with caution down the straight. Give them a call and have a chat about your options.

    Would get pretty frustrating being on a 250 in green group. You must have had a slow yellow day, I was at one recently any was overtaking quite a few people as well. Whilst another time I was having trouble keeping up as you could see there must have been a few riders who should really be in green group.

  6. what was frustrating was getting slowed down in the back section by a slower yellow group rider, once you lose momentum, you get like 5 bike's smash past you!

    White group also seems to thin out alot earlier than yellow for what ever reason and by the middle of the day there are fewer bikes on the track, and they are mostly dead slow so much easier to overtake~!

    also not sure if its the 20kg extra that I weight than years ago, but the cbr is really feeling down on power, couldn't get past a Ninja 250 down the straight, might need a tune or lose some weight haha
  7. I'll give you a tow down the straight if you let me slipstream through the turns POPEYEPOPEYE
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  8. sound good!
  9. GeorgeO, I would get some very sticky tyres on the Duke, like the supercorsa's if you dont already have..........I would aim to push hard, your confidence will go up massively, much more than just doing normal track days on a road bike where you just tippy toe around, its immediately transferable to a bigger bike, pushing the front end on the track has given me so much more confident on the road bike, you start to get more of a feel for it and the stick tyres lets you really go for it, especially on a low powered bike
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  10. I've got some excellent metzeler m7's on so OK in that department.

    I realise my hesitancy with the front comes from my tumble I had losing the front around a roundabout on a rainy day . That and the thought of binning the MV....

    That's the whole reason for going back to the Duke on the next track day. I learnt more in the past in the Duke than the MV. Especially on the small south circuit. Body position and lines / corner speed so much more important.

    Looking forward to the 5th
  11. BlackSparrowBlackSparrow definately a no no mate. I ride green and there's been a few racers setting up their 300's for comp. Fair enough they're quick, they corner superbly, at speed and carry it through. But, it's not 600+ speed. I've followed and admired the riding, nice to watch from behind - but it screws my ride, screws my line. I'm not that bothered as i know i can get drive and get past on the gas - but mainly not bothered because i'm a social rider and it's a day out. BUT, if it's stalling me, it's stalling others......... and a gaggle of impatient 600/750/1000's bottle necking up your jacksy for a couple of corners is a recipe for disaster.
    Stay in yellow a while longer until you're 100% sure - or borrow a mates (bigger) bike and give green a go that way.

    GeorgeOGeorgeO you only have to ask mate and you can borrow my bike for a wobble. Nearly done: new engine casing fitted, new chain fitted today, rearsets done, clip on replaced, lever replaced, fairing glassed and filled, primered, just needs spraying and all good to go again! Fcuk i hate crashing!
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  12. OK. Will take up the offer this time or can I 'rent' the white one for the day ?
  13. The white one sold Mate.

    If I can get in on the 05th i'll have the 600 done this weekend no worries and i just need fairings and tyres at a minimum now to shake down the 750.
  14. I like to time my riding and other people's riding,as I like numbers and comparing things as thats part of my job, i have timed all three groups. Most guys in Green are running around about 1.50 or less. I looked up the fastest time for a cbr250rr in the Historic Class and best I could find is 1.52 and thats on a race prepped bike.....I can't imagine even how they manage those laps times. My point is unless you are running that sort of pace I wouldn't go into Green. Plus I am sure guys would be going into turn 1 at about 180+, i have mine pinned and can only get it up 160-170 through there, as Lionz said it just creates frustration