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Great work Pete!!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Well as some of you may know, my Vitara decided to die an untimely death last Monday night at Fasta Pasta. I had it towed away on Thursday afternoon to get the head gasket replaced which was when the Across decided that Suzuki's must stick together and he proceeded to go out in sympathy for the 4 wheeled variety. With no car on the road, i decided to do a quick check on the chain etc on the across when i noticed that the chain was totally cactus. Hmmm bike out of action and not safe to ride too :shock:
    Spoke to Lids who kindly offered me her bike until i get some sort of wheels available and on very late noticed, I contacted Pete the Pom to see how soon I could get him to take a look at my bike. How happy was i to find out he could replace the chain and sprockets the next day :D
    Rode the bike to Petes place in Fitzroy with lots of $$$ signs floating around my visor and left my baby with him (thanx Macca for the lift) It hadn't had a service in ummm.....lets just say 'quite a while' :oops: so i asked him to do a minor service as well. When Pete rang me a couple of hours later to say my baby was ready and gave me the figure I owed, I was rapt. He charges $50 an hour and the work he did was extremely quick, professional and the workmanship was great. my Across feels like a new bike :D
    So for anyone wanting to get some work done on their bike, and needs it done in minimal time, i would definately recommend him so send him a PM, not too sure if he wants his number posted up here.
    So a huge thanx to Pete for getting my baby back on the road in such a short amount of time. Also thanx to Lids for lending me her baby and thanx to Macca for being my chauffuer all day Saturday :D
    Oh, and Sobil has just offered me his car so i can get my kids around this week. So it's thanx all round, you guys rock!!!

  2. That's what we are here for, flips, to help each other out

    (somebody offered to help me out the other day but he couldn't remember the way I'd come in)

    And great news about the wrench too. Good mechanics are so hard to find.
  3. Another satisfied customer :D . I hear nothing but good reports about Pete.
  4. Pete looks after my across. He's a top guy who knows his stuff. If you want your bike fixed and fixed right first time give him a try. He'll beat anybike shop on price too. He only charges $50 per hour instead of the usual $88 that the big chains all seem to charge now.