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Great Work - Pete (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by rodgerdodger, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Having left the last place (I don't know how good an idea it is to name names) I got some work on my bike done deciding I'd try somewhere else I gave Pete a call. I'd heard him recommended by some other members and I can now definitely do the same. The bike hadn't been serviced in a while and the difference is fantastic. It's as smooth as I've ever felt it and I had some other stuff replaced to get everything working properly. I usually don't bother either complaining about or complementing places on their work (I'm just too lazy) but it was a job well done; not just the run of the mill service but everything working beautifully, so he definitely deserves a recommendation from me.

    He's based in Fitzroy and if you're looking around I can recommend you give him a call (0409 169 478) and, if it's anything like mine, he'll do a top job.

  2. Ain't it a pity, we never tell people when they do a good job, but whinge to everyone else except the preson in question when he/she does a bad job!
    I hope Pete gets lots of business from your sincere recommendation, it sure sounds like he deserves it.
    (and a sincere bouquet to Trevor Jordan Motorcycles in Albion Park NSW, where I bought the Hornet, and where it is serviced, they are a good mob and I'm happy to recommend them)
  3. Credit where credit is due - this is what it's all about. Really good mechanics rarely need to advertise much, because word of mouth does that for them.

    One or two testemonials sometimes doesn't go far in peoples mind, but when you consistently receive praise from lots of different owners, it can have a marvelous effect on your business...

    I reckon Yellow Pages Online should have a Feedback Score (ala eBay) or a Karma points system, then we would never need to hire another dodgy tradesperson/serviceperson.
  4. I used Pete to buy my across and he did a top job. He's a good guy to deal with, isn't out to rip you off and pretty good on price. He's also cares about quality of his workmanship something that missing from most dealerships these days.
  5. Would those trades people be interested in offering members at least a 10% discount upon presentation of your member card?

  6. I think Pete is so low on price as it is that asking him to knock another 10% off means he'll end up paying us to work on our bikes !!!!!!
  7. So where is the issue :):)

    Fair enough though.