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Great wheel cleaning tip

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by raven, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I might be the last person on earth to desover this :oops: , but just in case :)

    Those of us with chains and sprockets, constantly put up with a rear wheel covered in grease and crap...and cleaning them with degreasers etc leaves me and the bike smelling like an ol' diesel mechanic.

    I was reading back through a bike mag from the UK called "TWO", where a guy wrote in to tell people about cleaning ones rear wheel with...ta..daaaa!... "Mr Sheen"....woot!?...and the guys at "TWO", said "yeah, it's great for cleaning all the grease that collects on the rear wheel from lubing the chain".

    Sick and tired of seeing my back wheel spattered with chain lube, I decided to try it out...WEHOOOOOOOO!...that stuff works fantastic on alloy rims, and after I was finished me and the bike smelled really nice as well! :cool:

    So I cleaned the front wheel as well...bewdie...and while I had the rag I thought I would try it on my Staintunes (Chrome)...niiiice and clean.

    So if anyone out there has'nt tried it, you might like to give it "Mr Sheen" a trial run - I think you'll be impressed. :)

    ***NATURALLY, you will just test it on a small area first, RIGHT!. :))***
    ...and don't be putting it anywhere near anything else....I just used it on the wheel rims and exhaust cans.

    Maybe someone who has known about this for a while can chime in about where else it might be useful on a bike..

    Assuming my wheels are still there in the morning, I am goona use it all the time now. :shock: :grin:
  2. When i brought my bike i was told by the sales dude Mr Sheen is great for making your fairings nice and shiny too. havent tried it yet.

    ill have to get some as my wheels get hella dirty.
  3. Also great for your visor!
  4. And you folk thought the only place silicone was usefull was in a womans chest :p :LOL:

    Many sales people use Mr. Sheen (cheaper generic brand bought in bulk) on their shop bikes.

    I'd just hate to be the poor bastard that has to respray the bike :)
  5. Does it damage the paint?
  6. I've always used Mr Sheen on my bikes, mainly the fairings as I couldn't be bothered washing the bugs off each time I ride. It works great and doesn't harm the paint, I know lots of people that use it on their fairings and everyone swears by it.
  7. do you just spray and wipe after a wash??
  8. nope, but it's a silicon wax and must be completely removed before respraying (causes fish eye & orange peel) and it's a bastard to get off.
  9. I just use degreaser... Spray it on... Wipe it off... Magic stuff. :D Apparently degreaser is good for getting GREASE off your wheel... Duh
  10. I Mr Sheen my helmets and my whole bike..lovely stuff...degreaser isn't too bad of a smell though..

    with Mr Sheen.. best to spray on liberally and use two towels and do a wax on wax off motion until its dry...

    Two biking goods i use the most is Mr Sheen and silicon spray..damn sweeky fork seals.
  11. I've used Mr Sheen for the last 9months....Since day one I got my 06' Blade and it is immac condition and it even smells nice.......I use it everywhere on the bike, just not on the seats or hand grips and only tiny little bit on tank or you gonna slide around and have trouble gripping on....
  12. I use "PLEXUS" on all the plastics and my helmet...GREAT stuff, that!.
    But I'll be using Mr Sheen on the rims from now on, that's for sure!.

    As for the tank - I'll stick to a good wax like "Mothers" products, and good ol' soapy water. :)

    Maybe Plexus IS Mr Sheen rebadged...LOL
  13. Hey Raven .... that is an awesome tip ... you know? after every ride, I polish up the whole of my Viva, and the bugs are buggers to get off the chrome, lights and helmet. I will try Mr. Sheen .... and thanks to all you other Netriders for your input as well.

    My Baby will be even more soooooo gleaming & pretty now .... woo hoo! :grin:
  14. yup Mr Sheen is what I use on the bike, and my wife reckons at the rate I am losing my hair, I'll be able to keep my head nice and shinny too soon.. :LOL:
  15. Ok...So all you smarty-pantses knew about Mr Sheen then... :p :LOL: :LOL:
    I must've led a sheltered childhood or something... :LOL:
  16. Me too.
    You tell me about this now!!!!!!!
    After yesturday spending 2 hours cleaning my wheels on the zeal. :evil:
    Gee, thanks guy's. :LOL:

    Cheers Lou
  17. Me too.
    You tell me about this now!!!!!!!
    After yesturday spending 2 hours cleaning my wheels on the zeal. :evil:
    Gee, thanks guy's. :LOL:

    Cheers Lou
  18. iv also about mr sheen being u bute for cleaning, but i just use a rag and kerosene for wheel cleaning is easy enough
  19. Feel free to use that smelly degreaser crap all you want...I never will again...not after tonight.
  20. Mr sheen smells alot better than degreaser!