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Great way to start the weekend...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tunaranch, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. So I get some money from the atm, head back to the bike, and notice, horror of horrors, my license plate is missing. Sabotage? Prank? Freak Accident? Who knows. Great way to start in the long weekend... Just Great.

    I'm sure it was there Yesterday... surely the mechanics who serviced the bike must have noticed if it was missing.
  2. Stolen number plates are used in robberies or crime committed with other vehicles. Notify Mr Plod post-haste!
  3. Agreed, go to Mr Plod ASAP!!!
  4. werd. let the cops know.. fill in a stolen item or theft report.. cover your arse, if it was used ina robbery or somethign lsat night and you dont report it stolen till tomorrow, you might become a suspect.
  5. $13 for a new plate too :(

    Invest in some one way crews or some hex key screws. Most thieves don't carry allen keys with them.
  6. Definately report it, just in case you get a big stack of speeding fines in the mail.
  7. If your #Plate is stolen don't vicroads have to issue you a new set of numbers/letters?, Would suck if you had personalised plates.
  8. Cops are on the way. I wonder why they have to come over. (I'm) Supposed to be at a lamb day bbq... wonder how long it takes to get a new plate.
  9. this sux. :(

    Whereabouts? Ipswich?
  10. Yep, stolen plates are used for robberies, petrol station drive awayes etc.. Let the cops know straight away.
  11. A couple of years ago Husband went for a ride out to Daylesford. One stop for coffee and other things and then on. When he got home he noticed his number plate was missing. He assumed that it had fallen off on the way. Vicroads gave him two choices. Re-order the existing plate (roughly a fortnight wait) or get a new one with a different number over the counter immediately. He took the new one, thus avoiding any hassles.

    On getting home he decided to check my bike's plate and found that the tinny metal they use had cracked around the fastening holes and I was about to lose mine too. He added a backing reinforcing plate and so I still have mine. Its worth to check every once in a while if the plates are cracking - cos it can be a hassle. I don't believe mine was secured too tightly - it is just crappy thin metal and vibrations and bumps can cause the plate to move.
  12. The bike gets locked in the Garage when it's at Ipswich. All and sundry would have had access to it when it was parked at work (QUT Kelvin Grove), or at the Gym (QUT Gardens Point).

    Oh well. Cops have the details... need to swing by Queensland Transport tomorrow and see what they'll do about a new one.