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Great way to end the working week

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by roj, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Ahhh Saturday arvo, lock the door, answering machine on... Faaaark.
    What to do? No brainer. Fuel, once over check, helmet gloves etc Vroom
    Blat round to mates, not home Faaark him. Off down the road, Warrandyte to K'roo ground through Chrissy hills to Yarra Glen, quick turn around (No cars going back up) Yippee. Warrandyte - Templestowe onto the freeway for the obligatory blat at slightly higher speeds to Fairfield. Billy lid, trouble and strife, dog and snakes all happy. Did i mention this was a great way to end the working week. Take care.

  2. Ah Sat 5pm lock the door mandatory bike check rush home to make sure teenager has left the computer for at least 5mins since waking up & MTV is not blowing out neighbours eardrums.

    Not MTV it's MCR CD so loud my entrance wasn't heard scared the sh1t out of said teenager! What do you want for dinner? what have we got, rolled of at least 6 stable meals & not 1 grabbed interest!

    Tear out hair whilst screaming I gave up a ride for this!

    Want a reason for using reliable birth control? Borrow my teenager!

    Thank God next w/e is the father's prob!
  3. well theres your problem she didnt know you were home quickly write a note "make yourself somethig to eat be back later" :LOL:

    good work roj end of week blast is always a good way to wind down after a hectic week at work and should be made compulsorary