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Great Washing experience!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. So I go to a car wash yeah, pull up, stand down, helmet off, gloves off.
    I stare at the back wheel with both aggrevation and respect, the baked on mixture of brake dust and chain lube is proving, so far, to be a worthy opponent.
    No amount of soapy water seems to be enough, no rag tough enough. Determined not to give up I unleash the "hot water pressure washer"...... for a full minute, I spray the wheel, the little flecks of grease and dust joined in unison... Their tarzan like grip seems impenetrable. Next, the high pressure soap! I can here the "HAHAHAHA, you tosser" coming from the wheel.
    .... Enter, THE CARWASH MAN, with his bottle of "PINKSHIT"..... I dont know what it was... But my wheel is cleaner then when I bought it!!!

    So how do you all get that muck off your wheels??

    note: carwash man was V Cool in Trev's eyes. Gave me a towel to dry my bike, washed my wheels himself, didn't charge me for the water or time it took him. I like this man!

    CARWASH: South Road, MOORABBIN (next to Harvey Norman
  2. I go to that car wash lidonnit, but I have never had the man help me :p
    There has always been a line when I go but.

    As for cleaning the wheels, I just use a rag with petrol on it. Works beautifully :)
  3. if you want to beat brake dust and dried on oil, just use degreaser. Spray it on, sponge it off. Works instantly and brilliantly. When i discovered how well it works those $2 cans became my best friends.
  4. I use Meguir's non acid mag wheel wash.

    I'd take care not to point a high pressure washer towards the axle and/or bearings to avoid washing the grease out... :)
  5. I never use high pressure washers on bikes.

    kero is good for wheels, or if you like spending more - WD40.
  6. From the sounds of it the pink stuff was a hydroflouric acid based cleaner - extremely effective, especially on aluminium. HF acid is fairly nasty stuff though, even though most cleaning products are only 5% HF they can still absorb through the skin and destroy bone and soft tissue.
  7. Yeah, I got this stuff on my hands and he made me wash it off immediately.
    I asked him what it was and he said "it's the pink shit" then he said that its their own concoction and they are not allowed to sell it due to "Health and Safety reasons".

    He then told me me if my hand was burning when I got home, wash it thouroughly under warm water and if it feels worse in an hour, maybe go to the doctors. LOL
    Apparently kids get it on their hands, then lick their hands, then lose their tongue! Any parents got talkative kids???? :grin:

    But DAMN they are clean.

    Next time I'm gonna get my latex on, rub it on the wheel and the low pressure it off it think.

    Big rap for this business.
  8. i clean the chain and wheels before i start washing the bike. A bit of petrol on the rag to clean the wheels and a toothbrush and kero for the chain.

    Also after i clean the bike i'll lube the chain up. After my first ride ill clean the wheels again to get rid of any fling off.

    Clean it regurly and it wont be as hard next time
  9. Not the best of advice - by the time you feel burning the damage is already done so there's nothing really that even a Hospital can do by that stage. Still there are a number of commercial products (aluminium brighteners, alloy wheel cleaners, etc) with 5-10% HF in most auto stores, though you can only tell they contain HF acid (and what concentration) by checking the MSDS.
  10. Yep, look at the risks !! http://www.mnpoison.org/index.asp?pageID=151

    I'd prefer to use some elbow grease and live a few years longer :grin:

  11. Degreaser in a can is also my best friend!
    SPray a bit on a rag and wipe the rear wheel after every ride.
    Rim looks brand new ALL the time.
  12. CT18 Truck wash works really well and can be left on to soak. Failing that a bit of kero and water in a spray bottle.
  13. Mr Sheen and a rag is all i use for wheels.
  14. same here. In fact I've never "washed" my bike so to speak with water.
    After every single ride, I go over the whole bike with some Mr Sheen & a rag. gets all the greasy crap off the wheels & even makes the exhaust look good. great for the tank/mirrors/seat/you name it.

    My bike manual warns against using high pressure water on the bike, says it can damage delecate parts.
  15. i still use soapy water and spray.. for rims when i can be bothered i use Mr Sheen

    High pressure washers are not necessarily bad for the bike, just dont point it at the bearing areas near the wheel axels, swingarm bearings etc, and dont do it on the chaing
  16. A quick wash for our bikes consists of Kero for the wheels and chain (these first), Selleys degreaser for any grotty bits, cold water and an Enjo garage glove on fairings - very good for getting bugs off. VERY CAREFUL use of Karcher pressure cleaner for initially wetting and then rinsing and a blow job with some compressed air (with the compressor turned down) to get the water out of those tricky places like mirrors, etc and a final dry off with an Enjo cloth. Yellow and Red were treated to this on Thursday afternoon and looked very lovely afterwards for their weekend of riding. They are now covered in bugs again but they look happy.

  17. A quick wash?

    My quick wash is hitting the thing with the hose! Then going for a ride to dry?
  18. lol - mate I could easily spend 2-3 hours cleaning if I was really in the mood!!

    quick wash for me takes a minimum 1/2 an hour.
  19. As already suggested a couple of times:

    Petrol and a rag.

    Eats through chain lube and road grime on the wheels quite well enough for me. Dirt cheap (I keep a can in the shed for the lawn mower) and much safer than HF-acid based products. (Unless you smoke, I guess)
  20. Oh, I omitted that bit, they both got a quick ride after their wash just to dry out those damp bits I couldn't reach. It was and always is a team effort we both do bits of the clean, so takes no time to do. I think 1.5 hours on Thursday afternoon. The big cleans which happen after our long trips can take days, all bodywork off, full exhaust sytem off and polished on the buffing wheel and even the wheels off. Its fun to do, I guess because we do it together :grin: and they get the same treatment at service time as well.