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Great touring photos - must see

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Enigma, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I don't know if I am allowed to post other forum links nor not sure if this has already been posted. Either way, Its still worthwhile to view.

    As I was Casually browsing the internet on 'how to mount a DSLR to a motorcycle', I came across these photos which have given me much inspiration.


    Much kudos to the photographer here and this really does define why we ride...


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  2. Some seriously great images in there...PS Did you come across any info about the DSLR mounting? just out of curiosity?
  3. Funny enough I did. 3 options.

    - Tank bag
    - Camera/GPS holder that affixes to the fuel tank. (beware vibrations)
    - Bungee cord :-s - This link explains it all http://jesserosten.com/2009/diy-canon-mkii-bungee-body-mount


  4. oh yeah, that would hurt the hip pocket.
  5. And possibly some ribs etc
  6. My first thought on that pic was the damage to the rider in the event of a crash....ribs are ow ow ow
  7. Before anyone does this, please get a clear filter for your lens.
  8. i can answer this one, from another forum Frank (and i) visit. very impressive co-ordination and dexterity!

    there are other albums of his where you can see the reflection in his helmet, of how he holds it left-handed.
  9. :worthlesspics: we need pics or links?
  10. pretty epic set of pics in that forum, might have to give it a crack one day... definitely a filter or two on the lens though!
  11. who can name the roads in the first set ?
    i am fairly certain he's included the best known motorcycle meccas in ther world.
  12. I can name the road! I dub thee 'better roads than sydney' road..

    Hrmm, left hand controlling dslr, I might have to practice clutch less downshifting through turns then.
  13. I laughed at this, how nice it must be for these wealthy enthusiasts in the U.S. to be able to ride all day and sometimes all week while the rest of us peasants have to steal a few minutes for a quick blast somewhere local before returning our noses to the grindstone :LOL:.......

    great pics though (y)
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  14. Thanks for the link Simon,

    I must say, those bike POV photos are the creme de la creme. I am especially fond of the couple gsxr ones through the forest, it give a great mood and feeling.