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great to be a newbie, hi all:)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kinkybinky, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Hello ladies an gentleman, nice to have finally joined netrider! im Jay and im sending out a HI5 to all the folks on netrider:) i look forward to sum awesome times ahead;)

  2. Helloooo kinkybinky :) Good to see you make your first post. CU tomm nite for coffee at Cleos.
  3. do not ride slow! hehe just got home from work and i had to ride dam fast so i could kinda keep cool! its faaarkin hot!!! just fillin up the kiddie pool that i purchased at K-mart ha ha gonna jump in an have a beer in a min:) haha
  4. Hi Jay, we met at the ride out to Yea, yeah?
    Either way, welcome.

  5. Youre on the money there Justin!! By the way, you doin the Blue Ribbon ride?
  6. I miss my pool :( :(
  7. welcome aboard klinky
  8. juz pop on dowmn to K-mart Kate and pick urself up a pool for 40$;) there great fun! i can see ur other half sitting in one with an esky full of bourbon an coke by his side :LOL: hehehe
    g'day Justin nice to see u here dude :wink:
  9. Can't make it Sunday unfortunately, have a big family reunion thing on (bugger).

  10. Hi there and welcome kinkybinky!!

    :grin: :grin:
  11. Anyone that has seen my other half would be more than slightly amused at the thought of him sitting in a kids wading pool. :shock:
  12. hey Lids :cool: nice ta meet ya dude.
    hmmm about Sunday pending the weather forcast, looks like its going to be hot hot hot :-k
    dam why cant we start the ride at 3am and finish up at 8am ](*,) hehehe i hope its a tad cooler, it can rain rain rain for all i care if its hot [-o<
  13. Hi kinkybinky, welcome to the madness that is Netrider (and that's on a good day!) :)
  14. more Kwaka's.. more Kwaka's... that's what I like to see...... welcome to the boards Kinky...
  15. Just realised u joined today, & already 15+ posts!

    Welcome :grin:

  16. yeah im runni hot Kishy :LOL: looks like its warming up again outside too! gonna keep the aircon on tonight :cool:
  17. hehe..

    we got the aircon off & just running the fans.
  18. Hi and welcome kinky binky
  19. hello

    and welcome :grin:
  20. Welcome :grin:.

    Always good to see more people from the mighty North Eastern suburbs join up.