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Great timing, Boss :lol:

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. So here it is, school holidays for another week, the bike's been serviced and has a nearly new front tyre, and I'm lying in bed, reading the weather forecast for NSW and listening to the rain pounding on the roof!!!

  2. Sucks to be you then.
  3. our cubs are back at school next week, and aside from maybe 1 day these holidays have been all sunshine and lollipops
  4. Sharing your ire; first days off in twenty one days, was hoping to evade the inevitable "list of things you didn't do around here while you were not here" for at least a day and take a run either up the Snowies or p'raps a blast out through Taralga and Oberon. Anything really that isn't my work run.

    Of course the weather has turned worse that anything which showed itself in June.

    If I had a deity, I'd swear that I'd forgotten to burn an infidel or something.
  5. Feeling the pain. Had been planning a huge ride today for the last three weeks of no riding due to work and being unable to change the oil to ride it. Shit life.
  6. Same boat here guys. It’s tragic…
    I de-baffled my exhaust yesterday and the bike felt zippier (probably a placebo affect…) when I took it for a quick blat around the block. But because of this shitty weather and the fact that I don’t feel like getting soaked, the poor bike sits lonely in the garage.
    Might go and give it a cleanup anyway. At least I can do that. Maybe I should stick my helmet on while I’m doing it…
  7. 'tis especially euphoric if you close the garage door, start the bike and rev it whilst cleaning..........well it is for me anyways:p

    "Oooh, lookit all them pretty colours on the floor" :-s
  8. Don't know what's worse. I've got lovely weather, and a nice bike, but no $.

    Japanese GP today - that'll do.
  9. That sucks :( Look on the bright side, at least you've got a bike ... mine is still awaiting the arrival of the coated & polished exhaust system. And the weather here in Melbourne is quite pleasant.
  10. I feel your pain Hornet, although managed to get the Zed for a quick spin for the last hour or so as the skies seems to have cleared a bit.
    Now relaxing and watching the Japanese GP on the big projector screen at home...
  11. Tell me about it, I started heading upto Stanwell Tops last night but only got to about Coalcliff before it started raining lightly so turned around...
  12. Yeah, well, just watched Andrea Ianonne polish off Maquez, so it isn't all bad :LOL:
  13. Here i have a nice bike that wont start, and its 32c. Of course, i would rather not be riding around up here atm as half the region is on fire, including my back yard about 3 hours ago.
    So much for sleep for nightshift :D.
  14. Beautiful day here in Brissy. I am trying to save my dollars but the weather stole my will. 300kms through Mount Mee, Maleny, Kenilworth - lovely.
  15. The weather's fine in melbourne :D
  16. Rain forecast for the rest of October

  17. far out this is the worst October ever for sydney. Its like an extended winter :(
  18. What a difference a day makes; blue sky, no wind, I'm outta here.
  19. yep, it's looking rideable here in the 'Gong too (although I'm mightily discouraged by Goz's weather chart :shock: :()