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Great time at Breakfast torque and thanks GeorgeO

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Oldmaid, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Thanks to GeorgeO who squired me down to the Shire for Breakfast Torque-
    Torque was hot in ways more than temperature...so many nice nice machines there, heaps of people from 930 onwards, great demos to tease the hoon out of you and some sobering ambo rescue routines. Really good of the Shire band group to feed us bikers for free as well!
    Nothing like the smell of leather and the hum of bikes to heighten one's senses early in the morning.
    Can anyone explain the obsession with all black clothing on a bike- mental in this heat"

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  2. ^ the all black is partly because it is quite difficult to get anything that isn't black. Next time you are in a gear shop have a look it dominates the racks. Pity really I like red but hard to find.

    Glad you enjoyed the morning. Well done @GeorgeO@GeorgeO

    Cheers Jeremy
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  3. I know it is all black in the shops I just don't understand why when it is so #}%^ing hot sitting at the lights even...drives me nuts someone said gtet a custom made one- yeah right when I win lotto:woot:
  4. Colour of clothing actually makes very little difference to how hot you get on the bike. The bedoins who live in the desert wear black robes, for example.
  5. It was a hot morning. Bear in mind most motorcycle clothing is made in countries where it isn't as hot as it can get here.
    I found the motorbike accident simulation very informative, if a bit disquieting
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    Really enjoyed the mornings ride with you @Mizmolly@Mizmolly!

    Can't believe the little Kymco bike used in the accident simulation looked none the worse after the 'crash'. He was going a fair speed!
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    Historically speaking,riding bikes was a very dirty business,oil leaks etc.Black hides this.There is these days way more hot weather gear available,now where is my Belstaff Jacket.BTW I have a Dainese Texture Gortex Jacket,multicoloured and with the winter liner out its still bloody hot to wear,fair bit of armour in it.Look for lots of venting or perforated leather.Don't think there is a lot in what colour it is.
  8. <------- Them's YELLOW leathers.

    On a hot sunny day, they are cooler than black......... lots cooler,
    and they have much more style, too! :finger:
  9. I wonder what sort of oil leak you need to get it on your jacket. Even Triumphs don't leak that bad.
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  10. Insect debris doesn't stand out on black.
  11. Its a myth. Very unlikely that they are cooler, let alone lots cooler.
  12. It was way too hot by 11, and not so many people there, stunt-riding demo was pretty good :)

    not myth, it depends on the reflectance in the IR range. well.. unless the myth is only about colour :p
    even black leather can be "cool" if it has the right pigments :)

    eg http://shop.bmw-motorrad.com/Leathe...Mkql0bcAAAE0tdJtTecS-UXCOM-WFS-en_EU-EUR.html

    http://www.aaqtic.org.ar/congresos/istanbul2006/Oral Presentations/Improved Process Control Product Performance/Nr 17 - Solar reflective leather.pdf
  13. All the cool technology links you quoted relate to black leather only. None of them provide any info about differences in temp inside the jackets. Interesting idea but not clear if it works.
  14. I guess that's because black generally IS the hottest colour, as it has very low Total Solar Reflectance.. it absorbs most visible colour, and also IR.
    white on the other hand reflects most visible light, and often a lot of IR too, but not always. other colours vary (I have many pretty graphs at work :p )
    very small white pigments (submicron) can have very high IR reflectance, but appear "clear" to the eye, so can be added without affecting colour :)

    does temp inside jacket depend more on heat getting out, than heat getting in?

    sorry for the OT.. today was too hot for my black textile jacket when walking around, but was ok on the move.. maybe I answered my own question? :p
  15. Oh, right.

    Have you ever had a set of light coloured leathers?

    Have you ever spent the day as traveling marshal at a motorcycle race meeting on a nice sunny day?

    I can answer both questions in the affirmative, and, no, it isn't a myth.
  16. Well technology schmoology! all I can say is that all black can't be seen well in the dark either-read smidsy here- and come for a visit to A&E with me -and I would happily spend my dosh on lighter coloured leathers ( if I can ever find something that fits a well endowed "girl") Also if you go to basic physics 101 black absorbs all colours of the spectrum hence will heat up .... I was cooked yesterday and I don't know what to do...it was dangerous... want to wear protective gear ( see re A&E) so what's a gal,do?
  17. Re heat in or out -when you get hot your body tries to cool down by dilating blood vessels in the skin surface and of course sweating but in your black oven bag you will eventually reach a stage of 'overheating' and guess what you very likely ain't going to be upright on your bike anymore or will be feeling very very ordinary I really think black exacerbates this ... Although that said leather does have some breathing capability that's why you shouldn't clean -blocks the 'natural' pores
    So there:whistle: Enough from me with my SOL !!!! Cranky old cow today sorry
  18. ..hides the poo stains better...for those times you're clenching so hard, you have to pull your kit out of your arse...
  19. Suspect having a set made to measure may be you only way. See link as an example - http://www.gimoto.com/en/online/30/line-lady-jkt

    Local dealer is - http://www.ozmotorcycleleathers.com/

    I think Dainese also does a made to measure but could not find a link sorry.

  20. Baring any actual data,be easy to test,couple suits,one black the other not black.Same bloke or bloket,same brand of suits,same ambient temp.Plus of minus a bit.Be interesting to see,anyone got Mythbusters number