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Great teaching aid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Zim, May 25, 2015.

  1. This has gone viral,supised it hasnt turned up here, gobsmakingly poor riding skills.
    Just about every fault in the book including zero self preservation skills.

  2. gosh 13min
    aint nobody got time for that

    Can you give timepoints for the most useful stuff?
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  3. I saw this on another forum, they guys who posted it, they got it off the crashed rider, it is long but well worth the time as it really shows why & what happened
  4. It was posted here on one of Lalaj's threads somewhere. I couldn't bear to watch more than a few minutes of it.

    I'm guessing it doesn't end well?
  5. fair enough, I'll watch it at home rather than at work :p
  6. good idea, your ohhs and ahhs will attract unwanted boss attention
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  7. That guy can't ride even as a noob would ride. he is lucky he didn't go over much faster and eat a tree.
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  8. This guy makes me look like a pro and that's saying something!
  9. Its long but every second is a gem, the ending isn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been. Whats just so amazing is even after a LOT of arse puckering moments he continues as if its just any normal ride for him.
    There was a lot of speculation re Alcohol, who knows.
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  10. I can see where his issue with that corner started. Right when he put the key in the ignition.
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  11. That really is something. I was castigating myself for rides better than that in my first couple of weeks of riding (and I have no illusions of being anything other than an average novice). What gets me is that the rider, despite running wide all over the place (amongst other things), just blunders on doing exactly the same thing, over and over. Until nature stops him.
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  12. Looks like your average netrider... ;)
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  13. That was absolutely breathtakingly terrible riding.

    I had to skip ahead to the inevitable crash. You'd think with the number of over cooked, wrong side of the road, near run offs and panic braked corners he managed to survive, he would have got the message and slowed down, stopped charging corners, looked properly through corners, identifying the vanishing point early etc etc etc.

    The corner he lost it on wasn't even particularly challenging.

    Truly truly atrocious.

    The crash is around 9min in.

    Why would you post evidence of such terrible riding?
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  14. Someone who helped the guy get back on the road borrowed the footage and posted it.

    (I can't help wondering though that someone who continued riding like that might think their crash a bit of heroic bikering and choose to post it anyway. But that's a bit of a mean thought.)
  15. Wow ! that's all I've got.
  16. As stated , its a great teaching vid. Hard to get your head around the over confidence shown. I doubt a really talented stunt rider could have done better.Looks like that old saying re repeating the same thing and expecting a different result prove true.
  17. Ok, that explains it... it's a community service announcement to all riders.

    Seriously, if I were behind that guy mentoring him, I'd have been making mental coaching notes about the lines he ended up taking due to poor set up... but I would have pulled him up ASAP after that first overcooked left hander. It would have been all over right then but for the extra bitumen.
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  18. Flip. That was fun to watch right before bed..
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  19. Some people just aren't meant to be on the road.
    I can't see him being brilliant behind the wheel, either. We've all seen it first hand, somewhere on the road.

    His attitude to controlling a moving piece of machinery and total ignorance of the basic laws of physics, is an insult to the rest of humanity.
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