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Great site, great info and 'seemingly' great people...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. :grin:

    Hi all. Only found this site a couple of days ago. Brilliant find! Love all the info for new riders esp.

    Never ridden before. Wanted to for years. No more putting it off. I'm booked in for an intro to motorbikes course this weekend...I've bought my riding gear and all I need now is a bike, a helmet and lots of practice.... :) I intend to get the bike next week. The sooner the better.

    I've looked at quite a few bikes, but the one I keep coming back to is a Yamaha Virago. Mainly for comfort (sat on one and nothing else compares - it just felt .....right.) but I also love the look of them. :cool:

    Tossing up whether to buy one second hand or pay the extra and get one new. They sell at $6600 for an 06 model...although I'd prefer the older models which have a bit more 'character' than the new ones.

    Only problem is, I don't know a thing about motorbikes. Zilch. Intend to learn though! Tis part of the reason why I'm here.... :)

    What does a woman do if she wants a second hand bike, knows nothing about bikes and knows noone who knows a thing about bikes? :(

    BTW, I'm 33 and have 3 kids .... all of whom I suspect think I'm going through a midlife crisis.....but I thought only guys do that. :cool:
  2. Hi Rosie,

    Welcome to Netrider. I don't think 33 is quite old enough to be a midlife crisis. More just a late in youth realisation that without bikes a person can never be truely happy. :grin:

    As for buying 2nd hand, just find a bike you're interested in, post it's location up here and have a netrider come and look at it for you. :)
  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome! What's wrong with being a lady, 33 and with kids, and wanting a bike??

    NOTHING I say, should have done it sooner, you're probably thinking.

    My2c; buy a second hand bike. On the day when you topple over in the driveway because the ground underfoot is muddy, you'll feel the pain of the broken brake lever less if the bike isn't new :LOL:
  4. Ask a local friendly Netrider to help you out with inspecting any second hand bikes you find, I guarantee you that someone will be willing to help.

    *EDIT* Damn it Seany, you're too quick.
  5. Hi Seany,

    Midlife crisis/brain malfunction/early onset Alzheimers/loopiness/losing the plot....etc etc. :)

    "As for buying 2nd hand, just find a bike you're interested in, post it's location up here and have a netrider come and look at it for you".............

    Really?!! *jumps for joy* :)

    Thanks for the welcome Seany!
  6. Hi Rosie, wlecome and congrats on the decision to get your bike and license. I know how you feel about finding the bike that's just right. I sat on quite a few bikes and in the end decided to get naked and go hornee.

    I'm in no way mechanically inclined, yet I intend to do some of the simpler maintenance on my bike. Just make sure you get a service manual for whatever bike you choose, you can find them on ebay or someone from here will offer you one I'm sure. For a learner I'd go the second hand bike as it's more than likely that bike will topple over in a parking lot/ driveway/ intersection within the first week of riding.

    Do what I did jump on netrider and ask for it. (only I'm not a woman) I also bought an fellow NR's bike which I'm loving.

    Best of luck finding your perfect ride and let the kids be jealous. Or get them "My mum rides a bike" stickers for their lunch boxes. :p
  7. Wow...you guys are fast!

    I don't worry about the kids....two of them are teenagers and the other one's about to get there. I'm recently separated. Lots of changes - all good! - happening at home....this is another one of them..... :)

    Thanks for the welcomes and advice Haggismaen and Hornet600!

    The reason I was thinking 'buy new' is because at least then I'd know for certain that I was buying something problem free! Not going to do that now....now that I know I can ask the friendly folk on this site for a hand :)


  8. agree with all said above,

    picking up my 1st bike tomorrow.es it took me a year to get on one after i fond this place :)

    i've had 2 bikes inspected by a friendly Netrider. Which i am glad because:

    1: stopped me buying a bit that waould be unsuited to my needs (was still a good bike though)

    2: Alerted me to the actual condition of parts of the bike. Ie how long until the chain needs replacing etc.

    3: i know i've had it inspected by someone that has experience with bikes

    :applause: thanks lordtb

    you'll find this place has mor info than you can shake a stick at. Have fun, i know i have!

    You'll find this place and everyone in it fantastic...so far nothing but helpful with some creative discussion along the way! :grin:

    I think you'll find most people advising for a second hand bike just as Seany, Hornet and the Scotsman have already said. Its much safer and you'll feel not nearly as bad when you put her down for the first time :(

    Good luck with getting a bike and safe riding!
  10. Yeah there's always plenty of Netriders looking for the opportunity to crash..err..ride someone elses bike :LOL:. Welcome to the forums Rosie, definately agree that 2nd hand is probably the way to go - especially if you plan on upgrading as soon as you can, you'll lose less on deprecitation. Of course if you think that it's something you might be happy to live with for many years buy new (probably not making the decision any easier).
  11. Drew - I was reading about your impending bike purchase....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) *claps and jumps up and down*

    Hi integridad....yep...looking forward to reading more and discovering what there is to be discovered at this place. Thanks for the well wishes.

  12. Yikes..I'm losing track of who I've said 'hi' back to!

    Hi im.on.it....I want those stickers made up!!!

    Hi jd...so glad I found this place! No confusion here...already decided to get second hand. :)
  13. Welcome and see you out on the road enjoying your eventual purchase! The kids might love it if you dropped them off or picked them up (not all of them at once!) from school.

    You'll find lots of info here, ask questions and you'll usually get answers :)
  14. Woo-hoo!

    I think it's great, and I rekon your kids will actually like it when you do get to be riding.

    As to getting the bike, grab a friend who does know about bikes and tour all the bike shops. :grin:
  15. Hey Rosie!

    My mother and I went for our learners together years ago. She never followed up with her license test, so, at the end of last year she did it!!

    She's on a cute little '85 CBX250 and wants to upgrade to a Buell XB9 (or similar).

    Mum has 4 kids and only really my 11yo brother and myself were right into her getting a bike. Mum loves riding and is on the bike almost everyday now!

    Enjoy the whole journey...it'll be one of the best things you've ever done!!

  16. Couple of other bits and pieces:

    1. Remember to budget $500-$2000 for your safety gear: helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots

    2. I'd definitely say go for a good condition (yep, get someone here who knows to check it out) second hand one to avoid the depreciation and as others have said

    Have an awesome time: my wife is 42 and getting her license Real Soon Now too...
  17. Hiya there Rosie, pleased to meet you :)
  18. Very important, although i think $500 might be a bit on the light side, :?
  19. Hi everyone! Thanks for the hellos!

    I've already got my riding gear - bought a pair of draggin jeans brand black cargo pants yesterday from Peter Stevens in Dandenong...along with a good Dririder jacket with the shoulder, elbow and back protection...and pair of waterproof leather boots. All up cost me $800. They looked after me and I'll be going back for more when the time comes.

    Also got a good pair of gloves for $60.

    Still got to get the helmet. Will do when I get bike.

    I'm not fussed about price when it comes to safety. :)
  20. Um, yep, you're right: I got given a jacket and already owned boots! A grand is probably the minimum, really, and $1500 more realistic.