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Great service from Redwing Honda

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I had a problem with a tank pad removing paint from my tank while I was applying it. It only had the slightest touch while I was aligning the pad, and it pulled off the paint as I tried to realign it. I was very upset. It had just been replaced by Redwing on an insurance claim.

    I left it for a couple of months, but the patch got worse (water, rust etc.).

    When booking a service (with Redwing) I mentioned it and was told it would need a whole respray (like $700). I pointed out the tank was a week old at the time the paint came off, and the tank pad should have been replaced under the original insurance job. They said that they had applied and removed hundreds of tank pads and had never had this problem. They said they would look at it when I bought the bike in. Sure enough, they did and decided that there must have been something wrong with the paint. So it was replaced under warranty (the tank pad too). Honda Australia resisted, but the Redwing guys convinced them to replace it.

    I also mentioned the screen replaced on the insurance job was slightly different to the original so they just replaced it without me even asking them to.

    The insurance job was also very good. The bike was as good as new.

    Overall, they have been amazing.

  2. Great to hear them doing more than you'd expect. That had to put a smile on your face :grin:
  3. Another thumbs up from me for Redwing Honda. I just picked up my bike from there this morning, which had been in for insurance repairs after being rearended by another bike on a Thursday mystery ride last year. My Yamaha dealer didn't want to touch it (they had a negative experience previously with the insurer that the other rider was covered by and so refuse to do any insurance work with them), and Redwing were more than happy to do it.

    Not only is the bike fixed up perfectly, they also washed the bike - no easy task as I had a million bug splats all over it from a ride over the Great Alpine Road on the weekend :LOL: They also gave me a loan bike for the time mine was in there without any hesitation.

    Many thanks to Jimmy and Matt in the service area who spent a lot of time with me getting it organised, checking for and sourcing correct parts and making the whole thing a painless experience.

  4. Thought i would add my positive and not so positive comments regarding Redwing Honda.

    I had my bike serviced there this week after a friend highly recommended them after i had a whinge to him about being due for service and not wanting to take it back to Peter Stevens. I called up last week and speaking to Mat on the phone was soon booked in, phone service and advice was excellent. I wanted to have a test ride while the bike was being serviced and so was put through to sales and after a chat with them i was booked in to take a new CBR600 for a test ride while my bike was being serviced. I was told that normally they wouldn't let someone take a bike for that long but as i was having my bike serviced he would make an exception.

    So i rocked up to drop the bike off this week, all fine, talked with Mat and went through to get the CBR for a ride... sales dude #1 has no idea what i'm talking about, asks sales dude #2 who also has no idea, goes and talks to the manager who also has no idea about anyone being booked for a ride on the CBR600 and i'm informed that not only am i not booked in, the bike isn't even registered and they wouldn't let me take it for that long even if it was and it was because of things like this that the salesman i spoke to had been sacked. So i was left there needing to swing past my work still to meet someone and had to catch a taxi instead as they didn't even offer me something else to ride. I get that the sales guy was obviously a dick and they can't allow for his stuff up entirely but you'd think they'd offer SOMETHING to compensate for the trouble either in the way of another bike to at least get where i had to go or part of the taxi fare. So i was out of pocket $50, late for my meeting and subsequently they will be out of a sale if i decide to buy the Honda.

    On the service side i cannot rate Mat and his team highly enough, they did everything expected for the service and more. They had a far better attitude and service, did a better job and more work, and charged me less than Peter Stevens.
  5. what did u mean cheaper?

    is your bike a honda?
    maybe they get cheaper parts? but charge u the normal rate for labour?

    next time if u got assured for a test ride i guess write down his full name and such, and bring it with you or speak to a manager to confirm =]
  6. This was a service on my Hyosung and Redwing aren't even Hyosung dealers so should in theory be more expensive! Put it this way they did more, did it better, used better oil than PS and i paid $50-60 less than my last two services at PS.

    Re: The test ride, yes i should have noted the sales guy's name but it seems in this case it wouldn't have made any difference. Even if the booking had been there the bike wasn't registered.
  7. What type of bike do you have?
    What did they charge for servicing the bike ??
  8. That's a load of rubbish. If you're not just embellishing your story, PM me with the name of the person who told you that. I think it's more likely that you and the salesman in question had a misunderstanding. BUT...

    Yes they should have offered you something else to ride in any case. Whether you are right or wrong, you're the customer and your needs should have been met. I also would like to know why you didn't just take your bike away if it was that big of a deal? Staffords are 2 x doors down the street who ARE a Hyosung dealer and would have bent over backwards to help you. :?
  9. Only relaying what i was told Dougz, i have no idea what the salesman's name was who told me that and wasn't really interested in his name, was more interested in how i was going to get where i had to go! As i said i was just told that the other guy had been sacked for making errors/ bad promises. That was from the salesman via the manager apparently. I'd call being assured that i could take a certain bike out for an extended ride when i dropped mine off and then no-one knowing about it or offering any solution when i got there a bit more than a misunderstanding though.

    While i was pissed off i didn't think it was enough of a reason to take the bike away from the service department, nor did i have the time or inclination for more stuffing around when it was already there, esp seeing as i was recommended to them. I've never dealt with Staffords, and haven't heard anything about them so i wouldn't be leaving my bike with someone i didn't know. I didn't even know thats where they were, i noticed a small bike shop down the road a bit but its not my area so no idea who it was but i'd hardly rock up on their doorstep expecting my bike to be serviced.