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Great service (again!!!) at Bikemart Ringwood

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. We are regulars at Bikemart and they also look after Netriders as well, but we have just been looked after extremely well again. Jay decided he had to have a topbox for his bike, so last week we ordered a Givi rack as I already had a Kappa box (a Givi brand) and decided it should fit the Givi equipment. We couldn't get the original Kappa baseplate to fit the new Givi rack and the box wouldn't fit it either. We thought we'd have to buy an original Givi topbox and sell mine. After taking the box and both racks in, the guys swapped the plate we'd just bought and swapped it for one that fits the box....no hassles!

    Pleasure doing business (again :p ) and we'll no doubt see you in a couple of weeks to fit out my little brother with his dirtbike gear!

  2. Not only is the service great but there open late on fridays!
  3. bought most of my and Mrs Drew s gear here, service is 2nd to none that i've had so far and no reason why i won't be back.

    Don't really know the guys at all but have always done well by us and spent heaps of time making sure whit i was getting was what i needed rather than just what i thought i needed. Very handy for a noobie!!

  4. I dropped in on Tuesday, and they actually wanted to help me!.
    almost fell over!.

    Good range - happy guys in there, much better atmosphere that some other nameless shops.
  5. +1 always buy my stuff from there and always have some one come up to me within 20 secs and ask if i need any help.
  6. I'm just starting out so sounds like I should head down there to get some gear. I'm thinking next weekend. Anyone know what time they are open on Saturdays?
  7. I was in there a few weeks ago and got a new Ventura rack. It was a shit of day, rain and lots of wind. I asked them if there was any chance they could also fit it there and then. A cup of coffee and 20 minutes later it was all done.

    They've always looked after me, and pretty much every NR who has been there forever. Great business that knows how to look after customers. There's a fair bit of my wallet still coming your way guys....
  8. well to continue on this wonderful thread, was in there saturday (looking for aftermarket handlebars for the sv) well walked in ready to buy handlebars walked out with new boots :oops: (and almost a new helmet) decided that should wait for another day......

    Service was great and friendly.

    Cheers stewy
  9. Went in to Bikemart today. Service was great, helpful advice for a learner, not pushy. Came out with a helmet and gloves. I'll be back for boots & jacket before long.