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Great sense of loss, just sold my first bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dcart3r, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. So the title says it all. Just watched some bloke ride off with my first ever bike and although I knew it was coming, I feel like I've lost a best friend. Whilst very happy to have finally completed the deal, (see this post - https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=63415) I actually feel a little bummed out. :(

    So how about it? Which bike were you most sad to sell?
  2. I know that feeling..... I bought myself a Honda VT750C Xmas Eve 2007... I LOVED that bike ... but 3 months later I realized it was a little underpowered for what I wanted. So I did the deal on a trade up to the VTX 1300, and I was excited about the new bike, just that when the time came to hand over the keys to the Shadow.... welllllll.... I got an unexpected pang of sadness.
    The best way i could find to overcome that was to get on the VTX1300 and ride!!


  3. I know how you feel, I felt the same when my VTR250 went to a new home......mind you, wait till you get your next bike, you'll soon get over it ;) it's awsome!
  4. Perfectly normal to feel this way. i think everyone does, even with your first car. Its because its what you started out on and had the best times in/on it.

    I was sad when my Suzuki road/trail sold, what made it even more sad was he chucked it in the back of a old ford laser on its side, fuel coming out, scratching the interior of the car :LOL:

    But as said above, when the next one comes along, your long forgotton about your first bike :)
  5. If I may ask mate, how did the sale go? Did you have to drop much off the price, or did you fix it before inspection & sale?
  6. my first bike was taken from me abruptly & i never got to say good bye :(

    since then i have had a few bikes but my most loved has been the drz400sm.

    i am devastated that it has to go, its been the best bike ive ever had :( i wish i could keep it forever and ever and ever and ever but unfortunately it must make way for a new purchase :(

    es <3 drz 4eva
  7. if i had the money i'd have half a dozen bikes out in my back room... i sold my RIII Triumph to get a Goldwing that i need for two up touring... it was a sad day but also a good day... after my trip up through the middle of australia i'll probably sell the Goldie and get another bike.. maybe a Monster or something.. ;)
  8. Never sold a bike yet but had the same thing with a car of mine. r33 Nissan skyline gtst, my first "sporty" car. Was an awesome car, had it for about 4 years, but then had to get rid of it to get something more practical for the high km's i do of company driving.

    Sold it cheap to a mate of mine, and even though i bought a nice brand new car i still get sad when i see it being driven around by someone other than me :(
  9. Ah, nostalgia, how these inanimate pieces of metal wheedle their way into the very core of our souls and punish us when we dig them out.

    My first bike I sold to a young man who threw it down the road a month or so later and put himself in hospital for 9 months. Sad part is, I knew he was going to do it, but sold the RD to him anyway.

    The XS 650 I traded on a new Kawasaki Z500; I loved having that little red machine (well, for a month, anyway) but I felt like I had lost a part of myself as I rode way (and I still do today, 29 years later)

    The Z500 tried to kill me, and I wasn't at all sad to see it go.

    I could go on...
  10. at least you got to sell yours, by the time I finally killed my first bike I was lucky I didnt have to pay the wreckers to take it.
    Then again I only paid $900 for it, and It lasted for a year and a half.
  11. it always hurts to see a bike go, back when i was 14 i sold my first bike a 1981 yamaha dt 125, i loved that bike it was in great nick. Although i was happy i sold it for $500 when i bought it for $350. But of all the bikes ive sold that is the one i wish i had kept
  12. dont remind me of this, i still dont sleep properly after selling my spada!
  13. Look at it this way, you got money in your hand, and some fresh-faced learner can't wipe the grin off his face riding your old baby. And besides, you wouldn't be able to ride whatever monster you are now!

    I went through some serious mental anguish after selling my Mito. It was only cured when I fell in love with a new bike. Never looked back at the old girl!

    Now I'm crying on the inside after writing off my new baby... here we go again. :roll:
  14. First bike i sold ( didnt write off ) was my third XV250. ( yes, a Virago, the THIRD ). Sold it to a 17yr old chick just starting out and i was kinda proud that i had looked after it and that it was a solid and safe bike.

    Most regretful goodbye i ever had was my YZF-600 "Thundercat" ( bike #5 ), good ol' clunky. Had to sell it quick to deploy overseas. Fattest bike i ever threw a leg over, but she was so cool! Sold her to a psycho army guy who "didnt care about the service history, i just wanna go fast!"..... reluctant sale.

    Not intending on replacing the R6, if i did, someone grab a mop, bucket, and a handful of sedatives....

  15. Fixed what I could and dropped another couple bucks off the originally agreed to price.
  16. First motorized two wheel vehicle I sold wasnt exactly a motorbike....but I still got a pang. Though the look on the brand-new-to-motoring-in-general guys face when he cracked the throttle brought a smile to my face.
  17. If you loved your bike so much why sell it?

    If you sold it because you had no choice eg pay off a debt, mortgage payment or food then ok

    but if you sold it because it was too small, too slow, not your style or you wanted something else, you should be glad its gone.
  18. Sold it to fund an upgrade :p Not everyone can afford two bikes.
  19. I've never really felt too bad about selling a bike....because the replacement was always so much better.
    They're a tool, and when they can no longer do what you need them to do, it's time to move on to the one that will.
    I can empathize with you though...

  20. I think a degree of attachment shows just how much fun you had with it! Yeah it may be a leaky banged up POS as its going out the door, but it was YOUR POS with lots of happy (and maybe scary) memories attached. You always have a soft spot for your first - no matter which first it is ;)