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Great scary prank

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Nov 27, 2012.

  2. I laughed :LOL:. Of course I would have been screaming right along with the other people if I'd been in the elevator.
  3. ...I wonder what would happen if someone got a heart attack, that's pretty scary shit.
  4. Yeah man, I thought it crossed the line imo too.
  5. Fekkin funny
  6. I would have shat myself if I was in the lift :eek:
  7. I was actually wondering what would have happened if someone had attacked the girl.

    I seem to recall an article from the UK where someone dressed as a zombie for a party was deliberately run down and killed by a driver who thought they were real.

    After all, there is only three basic reactions to any situation - Flight, Fight or F*^k. And being trapped in a lift rules out the first option.
  8. I just got that in an email.
    Seriously, I'm not tough. But I have to fight my demons. If I hear a noise at night I am up and checking what it was.
    I don't like lifts...... If that happened to me I would go off. And it wouldn't be pretty. Think I would get that worked up I would chase it back in it's hole and kill it.
  9. ... I would simply shit myself!!....:mask:
  10. They would have screened and picked people that weren't likely to attack the girl.
    There's a security video somewhere, guy hides in a mail box, sticks his hand out to grab people when they put something in the box. Someone unloads a pistol into said box. You do have to be careful when planning these things, yes.