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Great ride today...........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ratbag, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Marty / Sasha / Deano & Rhea / Hakan / ratty AND > lids ,

    had a ball today, i know we went to Neerim and Noojie, but apart from that, i just followed the gang :D

    We were hit with a light shower heading south on the gippy hwy, but it cleared for a nice dry run to Neerim, from there to 10 kays out of Noojie was tight and twistie but enjoyable, after reaching Noojie, we were fortunate enough to be under cover for 2 passing showers and from then on, no rain for the rest of the ride............

    All in all was an awesome day, everyone had fun and well lead by marty.
    It's the 1st time ive ridden with Marty and Sasha ( both very smooth and confident ) will ride with them both anytime.

    "lids" has gotten better since the ride to Noojie last time on Doonks ride and even to Healsville/Black Spur a week back, i may have to follow her rear wheel soon :shock:

    Dean & Rhea split up from us and met us at Noojie, i think they took the heavy rain route as they got a bit damp :p

    And Hakan ( aka Blade ) was rapped even if his fireblade did get dirty :)
    He sat up front with Marty most of the day and im sure he liked the pace.

    For a few pics of the day see link below there is 2 pages


    cheers ratty
  2. I like the carwash shot. :D
  3. great stuff guys
    im glad u had a good day riding
    i had my good ride yesterdays as well.....went to mt dandy and had a good ride
    meet up with another guy with a gsxr 600 but older model and was a good and patient rider
    he you are in this forum thanks for just being patient with me and my new bike

  4. Great photos, looks like you had a top day. :)
  5. I like the shot of the person (im assuming it's ratty) going to push lids over :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Wow, got a real shock to see everyone still rugged up in heavy jackets and even neckwarmers!!!! :shock:

    Thought it would have warmed up by now. Guess I am getting too used to seeing squids all the time, and the fact that I have been wearing the mesh for nearly 3 months now :D :p

    Hhehe, glad I'm here, but thanks for the pics, is nice to see a couple of familiar faces (Hi Deano & Marty :))

    Glad you guys had fun.
  7. Nope, it woz cbrdno (Dean). :p :wink:

    :D :D
  8. It was an awesome day, we rode on some magic roads!! woo hoo!!

    The company was great and big thanks to Sasha (Kyzmos) for organising it. I look forward to the next one. :D

    Thanks for the pics Ratty. :D

    :D :D
  9. Yes it was a good ride thanx guy's and gals :D :D

    Great effort by Lid's..You done very well...( YA PNUT )

    Dean...you are a Knucklehead as said by marty h....

    Sorry Marty but i saw it as a rose between a bunch of thorns....

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Love the pics Ratty, some great shots there!

    Love deans cheesy grin..lol
  11. great photos Paul

    love this one of Hakan

  12. Hrrrmppfffff! Thanks for the invite! :D
  13. Seems like there's a private netrider ride group happening :eek: :D We get the hint 8)
  14. Thanks to everyone for such a FANTASTIC day!!!

    :applause: :applause: :applause:

    I had an awesome time (even though by bum felt like a wet sponge for 90% of the day - Bl**dy rain!!!) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    I'll definately be asking Santa for some wet weather or leather pants.....

    It was great to get out, ride some nice roads & go through places I've never been to before (haven't done any roads like that in the wet before so it was a good experience for me) and it was all topped off by great company and good laughs!!!

    Thanks for all the offers for when I'm on my own 2 wheels. I'll be snappin up those offers :D :D :D

    Now I'm REALLY excited and itching to do my L's (keep you all posted on that one....)

    Oh and BIG thanx to Sasha for the lend of the wet weather pants :D Just my luck it didn't start raining again until AFTER I took em off....eh just my typical luck :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Great pics Ratty - FINALLY, I have a nice photo of Dean - normally he's running away trying to hide.

    Lids, I haven't been on a ride with you before but I think you did an excellent job :D Oh and thanks for the coffee...
  15. Santa should ensure that s/he comes to the Netrider Exclusive Bike Mart Shopping Nite this Wednesday, for a good range and great pricing :)
  16. "Santa" isn't taking my hints.....

  17. Thanks for all the comments guys, we really had a great day, i think the pics show that,

    Midnight , ratty is hardly in any pics, because he is always taking them.

    But ratty would push lids over because - "this is a trade secret" pushing people while putting their wets on gives them a sense of good balance while riding :p

    TRY IT ................

    > Paul
  18. Sasha & Marty thanks for letting me tag along :LOL:
    enjoyed the day, even tho my bike got wet :cry:
    enjoyed the company & had a laugh :D :D


    Hakin :wink:
    p.s Thanks for the coffee Lids